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Customer Stories

See how some of the companies we have worked with are successfully managing industry challenges. You could be next.

Success Story Page Listing - AFP

Applied Fluid Power:
Largest Magento multi-store cloud implementation

  • Update the main AFP site web presence
  • Create a unified brand across 50+ subsidiary sites with new websites
  • Establish a solid foundation for future eCommerce efforts
  • Give customers a streamlined browsing (and eventual shopping) experience
Learn how 50 different platforms were consolidated into a single instance of Magento→
JDE World Expertise for Automotive Company

JDE World: Maintaining System Integrity through a Managed Service Contract

  • Update the Warehouse Management System
  • Manage, prioritize, and install PTF updates
  • Scheduled monthly maintenance support
  • Weekly meetings for open communication between client and provider
Learn more about maintaining full-time employee attention at a cost saving solution →
Things Remembered Coding APIs in RPGLE for IBM i

Things Remembered: Creating APIs in RPGLE for IBM i

  • Revive and green-light the existing APIs
  • Perform preliminary tests for API utilization
  • Debug and fix all related issues
  • Create any necessary Web Service programs to extend API functions
Learn more about improving the customer's buying experience by integrating APIs →

Huffy Corporation:
JD Edwards 9.1 & Zethcon Synapse WMS integration

  • Improve basic processing facilities 
  • Refine and manage distribution operations 
  • Create a reliable and accurate warehouse operations system 
  • Enhance visibility into inventory
  • Increase control over Accounts Payable
  • Streamline the order fulfillment process 
Learn how to streamline business processes with a JD Edwards and Warehouse Management System integration →
Success Story Page Listing - CVI

CVI Laser Optics:
Magento 2 implementation and integration with Fujitsu Glovia ERP

  • Allow customers to purchase as companies as opposed to individuals
  • Correct inaccurate pricing information
  • Easily create custom products and pricing for certain customers
  • Accurately display inventory lead times
  • Integrate with existing ERP to automate order process
  • Build on a modern, flexible platform that allows for changes without developer involvement
Learn how to streamline the user experience with Magento Commerce →

Viking: Adobe Commerce and AS/400 Integration

  • Unified eCommerce Experience 
  • Customize the integration between eCommerce and AS/400 to create a more user-friendly sales process 
  • User-friendly pricing, ordering & reporting functionality added
  • Improve and simplify the customer buying experience

Learn More about how to integrate your As/400 and Commerce site →

Success Story Page Listing Images (6)

Textile Care Services: RPG Development

  • Successfully move the IBM i to the hosting provider with minimal disruption
  • Retire the existing IBM i
  • Improve security, efficiencies and productivity
  • Provide ongoing development services to replace positions lost to retirement

Learn more RPG Managed Services →


RectorSeal: Adobe Commerce ERP Integration

  • Integrated website for product information and ordering
  • Custom pricing functionality
  • Mobile app via established integration points and Adobe Commerce PWA functionality

Learn More about how the PWA portal has provided greater product insight for customers →


Batch Bicycles: Magento Commerce 2 , JD Edwards World on IBM i and Locally integration

  • Update eCommerce platform 
  • Customize the integration between eCommerce and ERP to create a unique sales process 
  • Increase brand's web presence 
  • Improve and simplify the customer buying experience
Learn More about Magento's robust APIs and how they can help improve your eCommerce site →
Success Story Page Listing -wlerr

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company:
IBM i Staffing Solution

  • Enhance existing IBM i system by continuously modernizing modules in order to stay competitive with industry trends
  • Increase efficiency by improving business systems 
  • Customize existing system according to the company's needs and industry trends
  • Gain access to a skilled RPG developer without needing to cover the overhead costs of a new employee
Learn more about how a customized staffing solution can fill the gap  →

W.S. Darley & Co.:
Magento Commerce 2 B2B implementation and JD Edwards integration 

  • Provide customers with online product details and additional order information
  • Reduce human intervention in the ordering process
  • Eliminate the need to dual manage data 
  • Increase sales with current B2B customers using traditional buying methods 
  • Utilize B2B commerce functionality
Learn how to improve your B2B eCommerce functionality with Magento 2 and JD Edwards →
Success Story Page - JDE World BPR

JDE World: Business Process Review

  • Address their fulfillment and inventory issues
  • Improve demand forecasting reporting
  • Establish an accurate warehouse tracking system
  • Identify and provide training to staff related to JDE World and some identified critical business processes
Learn more about how to improve project success with a business process review →

Watson's: IBM i business process review & integration with Zethcon Synapse and RF Smart

  • Streamline warehouse processes
  • Improve inventory management and accuracy
  • Increase internal control over accounts payable
  • Simplify the order fulfillment process 
  • Improve the efficiency of the picking process with organization
  • Reduce on-hand inventory amount
  • Prepare IBM i environment for integration with Magento Commerce
Learn how a business process review can help you determine the best integration strategy →
Success Story Page Listing - FFF

Fin Feather Fur Outfitters:
JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1 implementation with integration to Oracle’s  ORPOS & RF Smart 

  • Improve inventory control and reliability 
  • Increase control over internal financial accounts 
  • Streamline the process of placing orders at trade shows 
  • Increase the timeliness and efficiency of the procurement and replenishment processes
Learn about increasing internal efficiency with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne →
Success Story Page Listing - AG

Alta Genetics:
Magento implementation and JD Edwards integration 

  • Develop a new eCommerce site for customers
  • Provide customers with the ability to preorder
  • Engage customers automatically through email
  • Provide customers with 75 unique product attributes to guide in the final product selection
  • Expedite the order-to-cash process
  • Streamline internal processes
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Success Story Page Listing - SMKW

Retailer: IBM i Magento Integration Project

  • Increase eCommerce presence 
  • Improve SEO and interactive marketing
  • Add advanced shopping features  
  • Increase internal control and ability to manage the website without relying on external help  
  • Increase up-sell and cross-sell capabilities  
  • Allow data to flow between IBM i and the website
Learn how to obtain eCommerce success when you integrate with your IBM i →

Curative Rapid Deployment Distribution Success Story

  • Quickly developing an eCommerce system integrated into ShipEngine/ShipStation  
  • Building an easy-to-use test ordering and return system and user interface
  • Ensure users aren't purchasing more than their allocated amount of tests 
  • Adhere to a strict and necessary timeline – a matter of weeks

Learn how this rapid deployment was executed →

briteskies-JDE- World-Upgrade

JD Edwards: World Upgrade

  • Maintain Premier support for JD Edwards World
  • Protect operational and compliance requirements
  • Benefits of having access to the latest features and functionalities available in A9.3
  • Successful go-live not impacted by additional business initiatives
Learn more about the importance of maintaining Oracle support→

The Carlstar Group:  Magento Commerce, JD Edwards E1 and Oracle E-Business Suite integration

  • Correct a poorly implemented existing integration project
  • Improve front-end user experience 
  • Simplify and organize business processes 
  • Accurately record data 
  • Remove duplication of data between systems
Learn to improve user experience with Magento and JD Edwards integration project →
Success Story Page Listing - JDEW

JD Edwards World rollout client is a distributor of vehicle tire repair supplies and equipment

  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Have all business units run on the same ERP system 
  • Increased visibility into individual business unit operations  
  • Standardize business processes 
Learn how to create cohesive business units by implementing a JD Edwards World rollout  →
Success Story Page Listing -LApp

Lapp Group USA:
Magento Implementation and SAP Integration with URapidFlow

  • Develop and design a competitive eCommerce site with an easy-to-use interface
  • Eliminate the human element in the ordering process
  • Migrate orders received via phone, fax, and email to an online platform 
  • Use an eCommerce site to answer customer questions, currently being fielded by the customer service department
Learn how integrating SAP and Magento Commerce can change the way you do business →
Success Story Page Listing - SF (1)

Scott Fetzer:
JD Edwards World A9.3 IBM i OS 7.1

  • Stay on JD Edwards support
  • Maintain existing complex financial consolidations system
  • Improve web interface
  • Improve system processing times
Learn how to refine the consolidation process with a JD Edwards upgrade →
Success Story Page Listing -zoll

ZOLL Medical Corporation: Magento 2 implementation with Custom B2B API (My Devices) and integration with Oracle E-Business Suite and Mule ESB

  • Increase the number of unique accounts that place an order on the site by 50%
  • Decrease the amount of returns made on incompatible items
  • Increase the number of accounts that place multiple orders
  • Increase the revenue of the top 25 accounts through the online channel
  • Increase revenue 10% over the first year
  • Have a mobile-ready responsive site
Learn how to transform your eCommerce site with a Magento and Oracle eBusiness Suite integration project →

KT Tape:
Magento 2 implementation

  • Continue to build brand recognition
  • Improve site performance and dependability
  • Combine all systems (blog/forum/website) onto one platform 
  • Modernize the look and feel of the site
  • Improve the user experience

Because KT Tape is a manufacturer, their goals are different from those of a straightforward eCommerce site. While they of course welcome sales on their site, they are primarily trying to drive awareness of their brand.

Learn how to improve the performance and user experience of your eCommerce website with Magento 2→

Alliance Petroleum Company:
IBM i modernization project

  • Create an automated data entry system 
  • Implement an IBM i-based document management system 
  • Develop an investor self-service web portal 
  • Provide customers with a modern user experience  
  • Reduce manual processing and human error 
  • Increase business efficiencies 
  • Extend the reach of the existing IBM i platform for future growth opportunities
Learn to extend existing functionality and achieve business growth with an IBM i modernization project →

JD Edwards World:
No Premier Support

  • Meet the new reporting standards using JD Edwards standard files and processes without introducing the complexity of third-party forms packages 
  • Send the required forms to recipients
  • File with the IRS by the regulatory deadlines 
Learn more about the risks of maintaining Oracle support→
Success Story Page Listing -free

Freestore Foodbank: Magento 2 and Exact Macola ERP integration project

  • Create an easy-to-use and accurate ordering system
  • Seamlessly integrate Magento and Freestore’s existing ERP system, Exact Macola
  • Manage the order pickup schedule
  • Increase food output year over year by 25–30%
  • Provide accurate and timely transactions and a simple user experience
  • Provide an overall positive experience for customers
Learn how a not-for-profit fulfilled a unique eCommerce need with Magento Commerce 2 →
Success Story Page Listing -jde e1

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne rollout

  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Have all business units run on the same ERP system 
  • Increased visibility into individual business unit operations  
  • Standardize business processes 
Learn how to expand JDE functionality to new business units →

Magento 2 Project: Integrations with Linnworks ERP, Signifyd, Kount and Optimonk

  • Improve fraud prevention capabilities 
  • Create an easy and secure customer purchasing process
  • Increase average monthly site users
  • Increase annual revenue 
  • Create a site that is easier for internal users to manage
Learn more about how implementing eCommerce services to support growth →
Success Story Page Listing -med

Medsphere: IBM i Staffing Project

  • Integrate updated provider transaction sets into the existing system with minimal manual intervention.
  • Streamline and modernize the existing code when possible.
  • Implement a test environment for this and future system integration projects.

Learn more about IBM i staffing resources can get  →


Emerald Performance Materials: JDE World Upgrade A7.3 to A9.3

  • The primary driver for this project was the need to remain on JD Edwards software support.
  • Needed JDE World to interface to Prism Software. Emerald uses Prism to manage its manufacturing, inventory management, and distribution processes. 
  • Other third-party applications and custom IBM i systems running in the environment needed to remain operational
Learn more →
Success Story Page Listing Images (2)-1

IBM i Security: Implementing a Budget-Friendly Option

  • Identified and documented security vulnerabilities
  • Created security improvement roadmap
  • Trained employees on best security practices
  • Stayed within budget while implementing security tools


Learn how we identified vulnerabilities and empowered employees to take security into their own hands →

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