JD Edwards Consulting Services

Finding the right technical and functional resources for your JD Edwards project can be a challenge. Lean on a consulting team with decades of experience in not only JD Edwards, but in supporting clients.

Consulting services for all your JD Edwards needs

When your team encounters an unexpected issue due to a process change, poor implementation of a JD Edwards project, or the unexpected departure of a key team member, Briteskies can provide functional consultants and technical resources to get your business back on track.

Our team is here to help


JDE Functional Consulting

Briteskies can provide functional consultants to support your team in the following areas:

  • Sales order processing and customer service
  • Manufacturing and shop floor
  • Procurement and inventory
  • Finance and accounting
  • Business acquisitions and rollout projects 
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JDE Technical Support Resources

Briteskies can support your development team with additional technical expertise in the following areas:

  • CNC and system maintenance
  • EDI, third-party integrations, and security assessments
  • Legacy ERP data conversions
  • Development and customization

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JDE Managed Services

It is not uncommon for JD Edwards system support to hit a road bump. Changes required by a customer, the addition of another business unit, process updates, module additions, and staff turnover can all lead to the need for additional support. Briteskies provides a flexible offering of a variety of Managed Services programs to match your resource needs.

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JDE security solutions for EnterpriseOne and World

Security issues can quickly expand if not closely monitored. Even the smallest step can help you stay ahead of the storm.

We partner with ALLOut Security, a leading security firm, to provide you with end-to-end JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and World security solutions. No project is too small for our team of certified security specialists. Let us help you:

  • Implement JD Edwards security best practices
  • Access the most effective set of risk, audit, compliance, and segregation of duties tools available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and JD Edwards World

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JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne project support

Providing end-to-end support. Including everything from project planning and evaluation to implementation, go live, project recovery, and ongoing managed services support to reach your business goals.

Fully leverage the functionality of your JD Edwards system and audit your business processes with a JD Edwards Health Check 

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JD Edwards World on IBM i

Are you running JD Edwards World on IBM i? Have you kept up with you IBM i OS upgrades? Depending on which version of World your organization is running on IBM i, you might need to update World as well as IBM i in order to stay compliant and on a certified OS.

Any JD Edwards World versions before 9.1 are not supported on any IBM i version past 7.1, so if you’re updating IBM i from 7.1 but running an older version of World, you’ll need to update that as well.

Critical reminder: If you move forward with your IBM i OS upgrade without upgrading World, you’ll have an unsupported platform and Oracle support won’t be able to answer your questions, fix bugs, or provide patches. That’s not a position you want to be in.

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Briteskies' JD Edwards consulting services featured projects

Our team of JD Edwards consultants has 20+ years of experience in making our customers' systems work smarter and perform better. In the words of Vidal Sassoon, "if you don't look good, we don't look good."


Grow your business with JDE functional support

Whether due to an acquisition or business expansion, rolling JD Edwards out to additional branches of your organization ensures smooth business operations across your company.

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How to choose the right JD Edwards technical consultant

For a complicated JDE integration or emergency development fix, you need to turn to a partner you trust.

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JDE Health Check

When retirements and staff turnover result in the need for additional JDE training or you are considering upgrading or have expanded your business services, let our team walk you through a review of your business processes.

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Briteskies Industry Experience

Understanding your industry is what allows our team to solve tough business challenges, stay ahead of the storm, and produce bright outcomes. 


Distribution Clients

Distribution clients see both immediate and long-term results across the board by increasing turns, reducing carrying costs, and optimizing operational processes.


Financial Clients

Significantly improve your financial processes and operations with innovative solutions that lead to practical and cost-effective results.


Manufacturing Clients

Optimize your manufacturing processes, increase throughput, reduce waste, and increase labor productivity.


Retail Clients

From vendor management and procurement strategies to commerce and omni-channel shopping solutions, connect your JDE and commerce systems to power the growth of your business.


Mining Clients

Transportation services, logistics, and warehouse management are intertwined in moving equipment and supplies to the work site and shipping product and cargo to customers – all of which require a flexible supply chain solution for your specific needs.


B2B Clients

Extend your revenue capabilities by expanding into the digital market. Learn how to improve customer experience, provide online sales opportunities, and enhance back-office processes through an eCommerce integration project.