An Effective Systems Check Can Unlock Your Strategy for Growth

Following a proven approach for evaluating your JD Edwards, Magento eCommerce, and IBM i / AS400 systems and business processes for strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities can lead to greater business growth.

Audits and strategy planning will help you reach your business goals

Not taking action is often the worst action you can take. An effective plan for growth requires you to constantly review where you are, where you want to go, and how you are going to get there. Having a proven process in place to accomplish these tasks is half the battle. Contact us to learn how audit and strategy services will help you reach your business goals.

Avoid the cost of doing nothing


Why review your business systems and processes?

  • Uncover opportunities to automate processes to improve efficiency, reduce backlog, lower costs, and increase accuracy
  • Clearly identify integration points and data requirements
  • Connect front-end commerce applications with your ERP to quickly access accurate data and eliminate redundancies
  • Evaluate software needs during a software selection process
  • Conduct a cost benefit and ROI analysis
  • Discover procedural training opportunities for your team 
  • Bring attention to security vulnerabilities and potential hazards

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Developing a comprehensive commerce strategy

The complexity behind managing your systems can be overwhelming. There’s no one cookie-cutter technology solution out there to satisfy your unique business needs. Establish the best approach for your specific goals with a customized strategy approach. With our unique skill set and extensive expertise with JD Edwards, Magento, and IBM i, we can handle the trickiest of situations.

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The right Magento managed service program will help you grow your commerce site

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Technical Audit

Analyze questionable code, improve site performance and dependability, and identify areas for updates with a Magento technical audit. Our team has almost a decade of Magento experience and an established relationship with the corporate Magento Support team so we can always solve your technical challenges.

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Site Planning Assessment

When planning a Magento implementation, upgrade, or integration, an eCommerce planning session can establish a roadmap for success. Following Magento best practices, a planning assessment will lay out necessary tools, data, and the optimal integration strategy for your project.

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Marketing Review

Covering design, content, SEO, conversions, and analytics, a Magento Marketing Review can help you better leverage Magento’s marketing capabilities. Redefine messaging aimed at your target audience and increase average order value and customer lifetime value.

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Growth Services

Your Magento site takes ongoing nurturing and attention to make sure that it continues to support your strategy and achieve your goals. With Magento Growth Services, you have access to a team of talented, trained, and certified developers when you need them. Services include testing, transaction monitoring, and performance maintenance.

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A  JD Edwards system health check uncovers opportunities for success

Your JD Edwards ERP platform lays the foundation for future benefits and requires continued improvement. It is critical that you regularly check the health of the system to align with your changing business goals, operations, and processes. Uncover opportunities to further leverage your JD Edwards environment through a health check.

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Review and Analyze

Review and analyze your current platform and processes to establish areas for improvement. Are you missing a chance to automate any of your processes?

Roadmap for Success

Create a customized, actionable upgrade roadmap to replace outdated systems and take advantage of new applications, security enhancements, regulatory compliance updates, and reporting improvements.

Address Integration Points

Address integration points between purchase and sales orders, transactions, inventory, shipment, and distribution to maximize efficiencies in automation.

Risk Management

Identify and manage risks that may impact future growth and success. This can be related to mergers and acquisitions, outdated staff training, or an impending software selection project.

An IBM i / AS400 system and process review can lead to future growth

Thousands of businesses and organizations rely on the dependability and security of the IBM i / AS400 platform. Evaluating your current system by running a business process review and security audit can help you improve operations and meet your organization’s strategic needs.

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Review and Analyze

Review and analyze your current platform and processes to establish areas for improvement. 

Roadmap for Success

Create a customized, actionable list of items prioritized by impact, effort, and timing.

Address Integration Points

Address integration points to maximize efficiencies in automation.


Risk Management

Identify and manage risks that may impact future growth and success. 


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Audit

Manual EDI transactions, excessive data backlogs, and demanding customer requirements can compromise the effectiveness of your EDI system. Uncover opportunities to further leverage your Electronic Data Interchange environment through an audit of your business processes.

Read more about the strategy and benefits of a Briteskies EDI audit

Eliminate Duplicate EDI Efforts

An EDI business process review can help eliminate duplicated software tools and business processes for a system that is ready for business growth.

Manage Aging EDI Systems

Modern technical innovations are affecting transaction protocols, document types, communication methods, security, and integration interfaces. With such dramatic changes, many businesses are discovering that their current EDI solutions are simply not keeping up. We can help you map out an EDI improvement strategy.

Expand EDI Automation

 An updated, well planned system has many benefits. It can cut down on errors, improve cash flow, reduce order-to-cash cycles, improve customer relations, and provide real-time access to data.

Keep EDI Current; Plan for the Future

Juggling ever-changing data types, standards, and protocols can be a challenge. A periodic review of your EDI environment will help you map out solutions for these common challenges.

Security audits are critical to establishing effective protocols

Identify risks and create a plan of defense with a security assessment. Create an information security policy, establish risk management processes, and train all employees in order to keep your organization safe.

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Top Six Security Takeaways


Establish written security practices and policies.

Communicate security practices with employees in a variety of ways.
Require strong password rules for employees and vendors.
Secure all your devices. 70% of data breaches originate from unsecured endpoints.
Train employees to deal with a data breach - consider using the NIST cybersecurity framework.
Taking even the smallest step can positively impact your ability to secure your environment.