Magento eCommerce Planning

Having the latest bells and whistles may be fun, but when it comes to eCommerce, success lies in proper planning. Set a solid foundation to create a sunny outlook for your Magento eCommerce site.

Magento eCommerce Planning Strategy

With a focus on planning and an established project methodology, our team has helped clients like you weather the storm of an eCommerce project and come out the other side to clear skies and promising results

Five questions to ask before starting your Magento eCommerce project:


What are the top 3-5 business goals for the eCommerce site?


Do you have committed human, financial, or other resources to execute and support this project?


Who will be affected by this project internally and externally?


Where will relevant information come from and where is it going?


After go-live, how will you evaluate success?

Magento eCommerce Project Methodology

While every Magento Commerce project is different, there are some best practices that can be used to smooth the development process. By following a tried and true methodology that has been used across many industries, our team can help you reach the best possible solution for your Magento Commerce project.


The define phase is crucial for establishing your project vision and figuring out how to use the available technology to reach your goals.

Freestone Foodbank project example:
The define phase was crucial to the success of Freestore Foodbank’s Magento implementation. Their business goals have nothing to do with profits, making this a unique eCommerce project.

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During the design phase, the designer, business analyst, and systems architect will create the designs for the project ahead. This will ensure that the necessary technology, data mapping, and execution documents are established and referenced.

ZOLL Medical Corporation project example: 
One of ZOLL's main concerns was making their site easier to shop. The design phase addressed those concerns, eliminating user confusion and increasing accurate orders. 

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Develop and Deploy

In the combined develop and deploy phase, the site is created, tested, made ready for launch, and then goes live. We emphasize user acceptance testing and training for your team on your new site.  

Lapp Group project example: 
User acceptance testing (UAT) was an important aspect to Lapp’s Magento implementation and integration project. Accommodations had to be made to meet their specific product listing needs, requiring thorough testing and training before going live. 

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The work doesn't end when your site goes live. Now that your Magento Commerce site is live, you need to plan for the future. Briteskies can help you grow your online revenue and reach your corporate goals by:

  • Working with you to define ongoing support requirements
  • Prioritizing future business needs 
  • Developing Performance and Growth Strategy Options

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Working with Briteskies to implement our new website was a very positive experience. Their methodology for everything from requirements to implementation was smooth and comprehensive.  The hands-on training they provided for the use of the Magento tools was well-structured and easy to follow. I recommend Briteskies to anyone looking for a Magento implementation."


Bill Bleem
Director of Business Applications, ZOLL Medical Corporation

Magento Commerce customers have seen amazing results!

  • 40% increase in conversions
  • 100%+ increase in monthly revenue
  • 80%+ in AOV
  • 2600% increase in revenue from organic traffic
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The Magento Commerce Experts

Don't just take our word for it – check out our success with some of our Magento customers.


B2B implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce 2 and JD Edwards World

Project results:

  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Implemented customer-specific pricing
  • Over 16,000 items sold since launch
  • 8% increase in sales

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B2B2C implementation and integration project

Magento Commerce 2, JD Edwards World, and

Project results:

  • Innovative distribution model
  • Average order value of $2,000
  • Steady increase in order volume since launch
  • Improved data communication between systems

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B2B2C implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce Cloud and P21 ERP

Project results:

  • Largest multisite Magento Cloud implementation
  • Over 20 subsidiaries involved
  • Consolidated 40 different platforms
  • Connecting 2,220 customers and counting

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