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B2B buyers expect the same online shopping experience as they get when shopping B2C. Are you prepared to deliver?

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Let your B2B eCommerce project shine with Magento Commerce and a custom B2B solution that is tailored to your specific needs. With 10+ years of Magento experience, the Briteskies team is ready to deliver a solution on the platform that powers 29% of the top 1 million websites worldwide.

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Magento Imagine breakout session: B2B is the New Black

When creating a B2B site, it is critical to remember that the person shopping B2B during the workday is the same person shopping B2C sites in the evening; why should the experiences be different?” 

Gian Genovesi, Briteskies’ Magento Delivery Lead

Achieve B2B eCommerce maturity with these best practices

A streamlined path to purchase for your B2B customers starts with the B2B eCommerce maturity of your organization. Evaluate your B2B eCommerce maturity with these five best practices defined by Forrester.

Five B2B eCommerce best practices:


Establish an eCommerce leader


Have a dedicated eCommerce team or department


Gain the support of your technology team


Define a company eCommerce strategy


Maintain a dedicated P&L for eCommerce sales


Establish an eCommerce Leader

A B2B eCommerce project will touch almost every part of the organization, and there needs to be a champion within the organization who drives the project forward.

The role of B2B eCommerce leader requires someone experienced in:

  • Conventional sales strategies
  • Digital tools
  • Social marketing strategies
  • Leveraging those skills in a B2B environment

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Have a dedicated eCommerce team or department

As our team is fond of saying, "there can only be one number one priority." If your organization does not have a team whose top priority is the success of your B2B eCommerce site, then no one's top priority is the success of your B2B eCommerce site. Having a dedicated eCommerce team or department ensures that your B2B eCommerce project has the support it needs to get started. 


Gain the support of your technology team

Operations and IT are crucial to the success of your B2B eCommerce implementation. They'll be heavily involved in the implementation and ensuring that not only the technology but functionality like order processing is streamlined for success. 

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Define a company eCommerce strategy

A cross-functional agreement on your eCommerce strategy will establish coherence across your organization. Without that agreement, we’ve seen B2B eCommerce projects fall victim to friction and discontent between departments.

One key detail of the eCommerce strategy is data requirements and rules.

  • What data is needed?
  • How will data be used?
  • Where should the data live?

Learn more about defining data rules →


Maintain a dedicated P&L for eCommerce sales

How successful is a project if you don't have pre-determined success metrics? Tracking measurable aspects of your B2B eCommerce site, like with a dedicated P&L, will make the success of your site clear. 

Other success metrics to consider include:

  • Revenue increase
  • Cost decrease
  • Customer service call decrease
  • Rate of adoption

Find out more about success metrics →

Magento is a "best fit for midsize B2B companies that want an open, feature-rich solution that they can extend easily and inexpensively.   



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Magento B2B Commerce Customer Experience

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B2B2C implementation and integration project

Magento Commerce 2, JD Edwards World, and Synapse WMS

Project results:

  • Innovative distribution model
  • Average order value of $2,000
  • Steady increase in order volume since launch
  • Improved data communication between systems

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B2B2C implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce Cloud and P21 ERP

Project results:

  • Largest multisite Magento Cloud implementation
  • Over 20 subsidiaries involved
  • Consolidated 40 different platforms
  • Connecting 2,220 customers and counting

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B2B2C implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce 2 and Oracle eBusiness Suites

Project results:

  • Customer access to contract pricing
  • Custom module (My Devices) to locate preferred products and accessories
  • 25% increase in revenue
  • Over 33,000 orders since launch

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Briteskies wrote the book on B2B eCommerce Integration

With 20+ years of experience and as a Magento Solutions Partner for over 10, Briteskies has been helping B2B companies set themselves up for B2B success long before it was trendy.

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