Outsource Your Resource and Staffing Needs

Overcome JD Edwards, IBM i / AS400, EDI, and ERP resource challenges by outsourcing functional and technical talent.

Are you looking for JD Edwards, IBM i/
AS400, EDI, or ERP staffing?

Instead of hiring a full-time team member, consider turning to experienced professionals who can hit the ground running by managing your talent and meeting your unique needs – all while saving you time and money.

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Customized staffing solutions to meet your needs

Whether you have a role that needs to be filled ASAP after an unexpected departure or you're looking to expand your team part- or full-time, tap into Briteskies' staffing resources.

  • Clean up a backlog of projects
  • Supplement your team on a special project, like an upgrade or modernization
  • Troubleshoot and fix a broken system

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Outsourcing saves time and money

Did you know that outsourcing is a cost-effective alternative to hiring?


Don't be fooled into thinking you can't afford the resources of a professional firm like Briteskies. Hidden costs of employees, such as benefits, overhead, general administration, and oversight management double the cost of an employee's salary. 

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Let Briteskies manage your talent

Briteskies is not a staffing company. We are a full-service consulting and development firm, which includes providing staffing resources for both short- and long-term assignments.

We stand behind you with a team, not just a single, new employee. We've already done the legwork for you. Our pre-vetted, qualified team has 20+ years of experience. You don't have to mess with the recruitment and hiring process, or employee issues such as on-boarding, PTO, vacations, and healthcare – we’ve got that covered!

Worried about disruptions? Don't be – we're easy to work with and fit right into your schedule and culture. Try us. →

As a client that has used Briteskies for many years on a variety of IBM i-related projects, we are excited to work with them on a consistent basis through our outsourced development agreement. Having dedicated resources available to us on a managed hours basis allows us flexibility in how those hours are used, giving us greater support in our shifting areas of need."

Marc Masters
IT Director, Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway Company

Qualified Briteskies functional, technical, and admin staffing resources

Is your team in panic mode because someone left or an unexpected business need has arisen and requires additional support? It can be stressful, to be sure, but it doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Having processes in place before someone leaves or knowing where you can go for additional resources will make the situation much easier on the rest of the team.

IBM i / AS400 RPG Developer

Experienced IBM i / AS400 RPG developers can save you time and money. 

Our IBM i / AS400 RPG developers each have over ten years of RPG experience, including adding new features or functions to software and running software version upgrades. Rest assured that you’ll receive the right solution for your needs.


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IBM i / AS400 IT Administrator

Are you faced with an unexpected departure or the impending retirement of your IBM i / AS400 Administrator? Finding an experienced professional can be tough.


Free up your resources to tackle big projects while we handle the day-to-day. From job scheduling and troubleshooting to backups and performance tuning, trust your IBM i / AS400 to a team that aims to make you look good.


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IBM i / AS400 Security Administrator

Are you following AS/400 security best practices? It's never too late to start securing your IBM i.


Bringing in an AS/400 Security Administrator is a good first start. Establish security procedures and policies, identify key roles and authorities, and review your AS/400 security levels.


Our CISSPA and IBM-certified AS/400 Security Administrators are ready to help you become more secure.


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EDI Consultant 

When you have an integration project with a new software system, a data conversion project, or a backlog of development requests, turn to a development team that stands behind you with a full roster of resources. Ready to help you be successful!






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JD Edwards Functional Consultant

When running JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne, you’ll inevitably come across a challenge that requires additional technical support. Work with a JD Edwards Functional Consultant that delivers timely solutions based on years of expertise in manufacturing, distribution, and JD Edwards support services.


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JD Edwards Technical Developer

Experienced JDE technical developers can save you time and money. From code changes and troubleshooting to architecting complex solutions, a development team that stands behind you with a full roster of experienced resources can be the difference between success and failure. We have your back.


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