Magento Marketing

Deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time and grow your business using Magento eCommerce marketing best practices. 

Grow your business through a proven marketing strategy

Leverage your Magento Commerce site's marketing capabilities to drive traffic, improve conversions, increase average order value, and grow customer lifetime value.


Drive traffic

Get the right customers to your site by leveraging SEO, SEM, and inbound marketing.


Improve conversions

Maximize conversions by streamlining the checkout process, leveraging video, and building trust with your customers.


Increase average order value

Encourage your customers to buy more my leveraging Magento's inherent marketing tools like suggested items and cross-selling.


Establish customer lifetime value

Keep customers coming back by establishing brand loyalty.

Utilizing Magento marketing best practices 

Magento Commerce's marketing features align with best practices of scheduling marketing activities, driving customer loyalty, establishing effective communication, and analyzing the results. 



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Tips for Client Success

When it comes to promoting your eCommerce site, pair the marketing capabilities of Magento with the expertise of a Magento Silver Solutions parter.


Taking a new brand from zero to hero

In less than a year since implementing Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, United Wheels' Batch Bicycles has seen a 36% quarter-over-quarter increase in sales and an average order value of $2,000.

Learn how we helped them drive brand recognition and sales. 
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Using Magento marketing to eliminate user headaches

By implementing customer-specific pricing and merchandizing solutions, ZOLL Medical has achieved a 25% increase in revenue. 

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Improving site performance to increase sales

The improved site performance and customer-specific pricing of their Magento Commerce implementation allowed The Carlstar Group to further build brand loyalty. 

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Letting content drive connections

With improved site content and plans for expanded marketing activities, Applied Fluid Power is connecting over 2,220 customers with their appropriate business unit. 

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"As for social marketing, we're so much more actively engaged with our customers, and we've only just scratched the surface of Magento's capabilities. I would highly recommend Magento and Silver Solutions Partner Briteskies to any organization with an eCommerce agenda."


Joe Simonovich
Site Manager, Shoffee

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