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Batch Bicycles: an Adobe Commerce success story

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About Batch Bicycles

Batch Bicycles is a new brand under the umbrella of Huffy Bicycle. Huffy is the largest volume bicycle supplier in the world, but they had been seeing years of sales shrinkage. In an effort to target new markets, Huffy launched Batch Bicycles. Batch targets independent and small bike shops with the goal of taking the efficiencies Huffy has as a large manufacturer and helping smaller shops sell simply and more profitably using Batch products. 

Batch provides the tools, products, and services that empower independent bike dealers to meet today’s challenges and help better serve their customers.


Average order
value of

Connected with
over 200
local stores in
7 months

Steady increase
in order
since launch

Improved data

The Problem

The goal of is not to sell bikes directly from the site, but to direct customers to local, independent bike dealers. Huffy wanted Batch customers to be able to find a bike they liked on the Batch website, order that bike, and then pick it up, fully assembled, from a local bike shop. Batch needed an updated eCommerce platform that could integrate with their existing systems and grow with their expanding brands. That process required sophisticated integration points between not only their new eCommerce site and existing IBM i-based ERP, but with third-party tools as well.

The Batch site needed to be up and running in time for the brand launch at a multinational bike dealer conference in just a few months. Since Briteskies had completed a successful eCommerce project for Huffy in the past, they were confident in our ability to get the job done. 

The Goal

  • Update eCommerce platform 
  • Customize the integration between eCommerce and ERP to create a unique sales process 
  • Increase brand's web presence 
  • Improve and simplify the customer buying experience

The Result

Huffy has debuted a new brand, Batch Bicycles, with a new Magento website built with Briteskies, a Magento Solutions Partner.

After a whirlwind development and deployment process, was launched in September 2018, just in time to debut the new brand at a multinational bike conference. The Huffy brand is now able to reach a new clientele and create relationships with independent bike dealers through Batch.

Not only did our team create a dynamic, scalable eCommerce site for Batch Bicycles, we were able to make Huffy’s distribution dream a reality. 

Batch customers are able to order their bike online at, then pick it up, fully assembled, from a local bike dealer. This gives customers the convenience of shopping online while still supporting local businesses.


Key Project Benefits:

  • Created a new revenue channel
  • Integration with existing IBM i-based ERP and a variety of third-party modules
  • Enhanced customer experience

Because Batch wanted the ability to grow their brand’s web presence in the future, they decided to implement Magento Commerce 2.2.5. 

The Solution

  • Implement a Magento Commerce site to satisfy the needs of Batch customers 
  • Use Magento's robust APIs to give Batch flexibility to integrate with third-party tools, mobile applications, and their existing JD Edwards ERP on IBM i
  • Leverage Magento through a series of integrations, including an integration with their JD Edwards ERP system on IBM i
  • Perform a data mapping exercise to identify necessary integration points 
  • Integrate Locally and Magento to support the unique buying and order processing methods and ensure information is sent to the correct outlets 
"Our team was thrilled to help Batch use Magento's robust tools and features to implement a brand new eCommerce distribution model."
Gian Genovesi
Magento Delivery Lead, Briteskies

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