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The sky is the limit when you implement a customized solution with Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, and the help of the Briteskies team. From initial inspiration to lasting support, a successful eCommerce project requires expertise and attention to detail.

Streamline processes, improve customer experience, and deliver results 

An original Magento Commerce partner with a decade of Magento Commerce experience, our team is prepared to develop the customized commerce solution that your organization requires. With Magento’s ease of use, ability for customization, and network of innovators, the future of your eCommerce site looks bright.


B2B integrations and disrupting the distribution channel

Learn how United Wheels (Huffy), the biggest name in bicycles, is rebuilding business through independent shops using Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud.

Watch Justin Leiter from United Wheels and Briteskies' Gian Genovesi present at Magento Imagine 2019.

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The leading eCommerce platform for responsive design


Increase in revenue from organic traffic


Increase in average order value


Increase in conversions


Increase in monthly revenue


Decrease in bounce rate

Complete commerce solutions to help plan, build, fix, and support your Magento site

Rely on our team's 20+ years of commerce experience when developing your custom approach to increasing revenue, driving down costs, and delivering value.



Best Practices and Project Methodology

Developing a plan is a critical first step in any project. Determining goals and defining metrics needs to come before exploring software functionality. Our team will help craft a strategy based on your business needs, wants, and goals.


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Magento Migrations and Implementations

Our team has experience in implementing net-new Magento Commerce environments as well as migrating existing eCommerce data to a new Magento Commerce implementation.


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Magento Site Assessments

You already know your Magento eCommerce site isn’t a set it and forget it tool. It takes maintenance to keep it up to snuff. If your existing site isn’t performing up to expectations or you’re looking for ways to enhance what you already have, a site check is the first step.


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Magento Commerce Support

With a variety of services available, we’re prepared to continue your site’s success long after launch. Our support services include:


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The Briteskies team treats your project like it’s their own. They are passionate about what they do. It’s very refreshing to have that kind of customer service and commitment. They are an honest, hardworking team!"


Julianna Farresta
eCommerce Project Coordinator, CVI Laser Optics

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Magento eCommerce Services

Let us help you streamline the path to purchase, implement eCommerce best practices, and facilitate your integration projects utilizing a proven solution for Magento integration to third-party modules and legacy systems.



Is your Magento 1 site ready to make the switch to Magento 2?

Plan your upgrade to Magento 2 to stay secure and supported

After June 2020, Magento 1 will no longer be supported, leaving merchants PCI non-compliant without the ability to process credit cards, and leaving your site at increased security risk. Not to mention the loss of Magento tech support.

Don't get caught standing in the rain! Update to Magento 2 now to ensure a seamless transition. 

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Ready to become a B2B commerce leader?

Adobe (Magento) Commerce is a best fit for midsize B2B companies, according to Forrester. If you’re looking for an open, feature-rich solution that can be extended easily and inexpensively, as well as a team experienced in B2B implementations, then Magento Commerce and Briteskies is the B2B option for you.

Ready for B2B but looking for a knowledgeable partner to support your efforts?

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Tips for using Adobe Commerce marketing features to increase growth

Anticipate your customers' needs and more with Magento Commerce's extensive marketing capabilities

  • Promotional pricing and flexible coupons
  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Dynamic rule-based product relations
  • One-click purchasing
  • Content scheduling
  • Visual merchandizing

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A well-planned and executed integration project is the key to commerce success

No matter the end user, industry, or size of a project, we've found that most all eCommerce projects are integration projects. Bring your Magento Commerce site to the next level with a Magento eCommerce integration

Whether you're launching a new Magento site or you already have an established eCommerce presence, it's never too late for an integration. With the help of our experienced team, your Magento environment can integrate seamlessly with both existing software and new functionality.

Our integration experts are ready to answer your questions.

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The Adobe (Magento) Commerce Experts

Don't just take our word for it – check out our success with some of our Commerce customers.


B2B implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce 2 and JD Edwards World

Project results:

  • Streamlined ordering process
  • Implemented customer-specific pricing
  • Over 16,000 items sold since launch
  • 8% increase in sales

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ERP integration overhaul project

Magento Commerce 1 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Project results:

  • Corrected integration work of a previous vendor
  • Eliminated data duplication
  • Improved site performance
  • Enabled customer-specific pricing loads and order create

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B2B2C implementation and integration project

Magento Commerce 2, JD Edwards World, and

Project results:

  • Innovative distribution model
  • Average order value of $2,000
  • Steady increase in order volume since launch
  • Improved data communication between systems

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B2B2C implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce 2 and Oracle eBusiness Suites

Project results:

  • Customer access to contract pricing
  • Custom module (My Devices) to locate preferred products and accessories
  • 25% increase in revenue
  • Over 33,000 orders since launch

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B2B2C implementation and ERP integration project

Magento Commerce Cloud and P21 ERP

Project results:

  • Largest multisite Magento Cloud implementation
  • Over 20 subsidiaries involved
  • Consolidated 40 different platforms
  • Connecting 2,220 customers and counting

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B2C implementation project

Magento Commerce 2

Project results:

  • 42% increase in transactions
  • 24% decrease in bounce rate
  • 14% increase in revenue
  • 12% increase in page views

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