Integration Solutions for eCommerce, ERP, and EDI

Integrating your Magento Commerce, JD Edwards, IBM i, and EDI business processes can help you achieve new levels of connectivity and help meet your business goals.

Is there an eCommerce, ERP, or EDI integration project on your horizon?

In an increasingly competitive economic climate, integrating your business processes provides your  organization with a far better outlook. No matter the customizations and quirks in your systems, we've seen and integrated it all.

We are ready to handle your integration challenge.  


Our team has experience integrating a myriad of eCommerce, ERP, and third-party systems. We're prepared to: 

Magento eCommerce Integration Solutions


In today’s crowded marketplace, B2B buyers demand an easy, intuitive online buying and account management experience that’s so good it feels like B2C. To meet those demands, many merchants choose to implement an eCommerce and ERP integration solution. 

Increase your annual revenue by 25%  


Magento ERP Integration

The only thing more powerful than your Magento Commerce site is a Magento ERP integration. Our Magento and ERP integration experience includes:

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Magento B2B Integration

Magento B2B eCommerce integrates with your backend systems to give customers access to the information they need, including the answers to these common questions:

  • Do you have this item in stock?
  • What is my price?
  • Where is my order?

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Magento Third-Party Integration

One of the benefits of choosing Magento Commerce is the access to the Magento community. From modules to third-party tools, here’s a taste of what we’ve integrated into Magento:

  • CRM software, including HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
  • Chat software, including olark, LiveChat, and Intercom
  • Call tracking software, including Twillo and CallRail
  • Email management software, including Dotmailer
  • Sales tax tools, including Avalara
  • Social media

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Simplify your integration with Mule ESB 


Middleware can be a powerful tool

Confidently connect your necessary platforms with a Magento integration using Mule ESB.  

  • Named as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service 
  • Includes many file format, message delivery, connectivity protocol, and message mapping options to meet your organization's needs 
  • Open-sourced, Java- and Linux-based software is user-friendly 
  • Keeps systems operating independently while staying connected, meaning communication drops, processing, or any other interruptions don't hinder your system 
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Mule EBS: A Critical Integration Tool

Read how ZOLL Medical Corporation increased their monthly revenue by 114% with a Magento integration leveraging Mule ESB 

I recommend Briteskies to anyone looking for a Magento implementation and really suggest that anyone considering a Web Store with an integration to in-house ERP systems talk to them. They have proven their ability to us that they know integration.
Bill Bleem, Dir. of Business Apps.
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JD Edwards Integration Services

Drive out costs, sell more effectively, and take your business to the next level. JD Edwards is a longstanding, dependable platform used on businesses of every size and configuration around the world. Further, leverage your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne or World environments and connect your business systems with a JD Edwards ERP integration project. 

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JD Edwards eCommerce Integration 

Adding B2B eCommerce capabilities to your JD Edwards system can greatly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your back office processes. An eCommerce integration project will help you leverage the combined power of JD Edwards and the online channel to increase revenue while driving out cost.

Our team’s experience with JD Edwards and Magento 2 integrations, as well as leveraging JD Edwards Business Services, will help you get the most out of your integration.

JD Edwards Third-Party Module Integration

As a 20-year partner of Oracle JD Edwards, we've seen and integrated many different third-party modules, including:

  • WMS: Zethcon Synapse
  • EDI: TrustedLink, GenTran
  • eCommerce: WebSphere Commerce, Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud
  • Demand planning and DRM systems
  • Oracle POS
  • IBM MQ and XML
  • Many more

JD Edwards World and IBM i

Running JD Edwards World on the IBM i can be a complicated situation, especially when integrations are involved. Whether you’re looking to add eCommerce, EDI, or third-party tools to your system, partnering with a team with extensive knowledge in both IBM i and JD Edwards World will keep things running smoothly.

JD Edwards EDI Integration

EDI is a powerful tool that can be a huge revenue booster for your organization, especially when integrated with your backend system. A JD Edwards EDI integration can automate processes, manage and communicate client data, and process large orders for your organization. Make sure your JD Edwards EDI integration is set up for success by partnering with a qualified team of developers.

IBM i / AS400 Integration Services

Ready to unlock the power of your IBM i System? Data locked into your IBM i / AS400? Decades-old code on an even older system? You may think these aren't favorable conditions, but with the right integration plan, your IBM i can do it all.

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IBM i / AS400 eCommerce Integration

Yes, you can integrate a powerful eCommerce system like Magento with your IBM i and leverage your existing business logic into a modern shopping experience.

Learn more about integrating your AS/400 with Magento →

IBM i / AS400 JDE World Integration

If you're running JD Edwards World on your IBM i, you have double the systems to integrate with. Partner with a team who has experience on both platforms.

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IBM i / AS400 EDI Integration

A steady process running in the background, EDI can be a big source of revenue for your organization, especially if it is correctly integrated to your IBM i.


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IBM i / AS400 Third-Party Tool Integration

Unlock years of business data with the help of third-party tools that are tailored to your goals.  Including Warehouse management systems, customer relationship management, and MRP/DRP applications.

Learn how to unlock your business data

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Integration Services

Get ready to save on every order processed. Regardless of the industry you’re in, the secure, efficient transmission of data is critical to your organization. Bring your Electronic Data Interchange integration up to speed by partnering with EDI developers who will develop a custom solution to increase speed, accuracy, and efficiency while reducing costs.

Start saving money by leveraging EDI

Third-Party Integration Tools

The ecosystem of commerce and business applications has evolved — bringing in highly specialized vendors offering every kind of specialty tool, plugin, or application under the sun. Briteskies can help you wade through the sea of choices to find a custom solution just right for you. Integrate the right tools for smooth sailing toward success.




  • Mule Enterprise Service Bus
  • XML/Web Services
  • FTP
  • RPG
  • IBM MQ
  • JD Edwards Business Services


Marketing and Customer Relationships

  • Optimonk
  • Dotmailer
  • nFusion
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Chat software (including olark, LiveChat, Intercom)
  • Social media
  • Call-tracking software (Twillo, CallRail)


Financial and Tax Compliance

  • Avalara
  • Sovos
  • Cart2Quote
  • QuickBooks
  • NetSuite


Fraud Prevention

  • Signifyd
  • Kount
  • ALLOut Security Systems

Warehouse Management

  • Zethcon Synapse
  • RF Smart