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Maintain, support, and improve your JD Edwards World or EnterpriseOne environment with the help of a team with 20+ years of experience.

How to grow your business with JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne

Did you know the average life expectancy of an ERP solution is 7–10 years? Most systems we see are double that age. If you have an aging system, it's time to prepare for a JD Edwards upgrade or implementation. A well-executed upgrade or implementation project will enable you to take advantage of the latest technological features to grow your business.

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JD Edwards World Upgrade

Bring your aging JD Edwards World system up to your organization's current standards. With a JD Edwards World upgrade, you can consolidate complex system architecture, streamline financials, and support your business for years to come.

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JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne migration

Before you migrate from World to EnterpriseOne:

  • Perform a gap analysis
  • Assess your CNC process
  • Ensure users are comfortable with Microsoft Excel
  • Consider the total cost of ownership


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne implementation services

Keep up with business growth and manage your inventory, distribution, and procurement with a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne install or upgrade.

How an EnterpriseOne installation increased a client's efficiency

Customer Satisfaction
We pride ourselves on our commitment to building long-term relationships and earning our clients’ trust. In a recent  customer survey, our team scored 4.5/5 on business relationship satisfaction.

"People first, technology second. Our project methodology focuses on listening, learning, and understanding our customer's pain points; only then do we design technical elements that help our customer achieve their business goals."

Bill Onion

Managing Director, Briteskies

JD Edwards World Consulting Services

We love JD Edwards World and think upgrading your existing system is a great option for ERP improvement. A software upgrade can be hard to justify, but there are so many benefits that go beyond simply performance. Not ready to upgrade? We can also help you maintain your current system to keep your business processes moving.


Six Key Questions to Ask Before Starting a JD Edwards World Upgrade:

  1. What are my upgrade options for  JDE World?
  2. Which  type of upgrade (technical, functional, or transformational)  will help my organization reach our goals?
  3. What new  functionality and software applications will increase business process efficiency?
  4. Will replacing customized code with standard business processes across my organization increase compliance abilities and decrease cost of ownership?
  5. Is my existing system on the verge of losing maintenance support and moving to sustaining support?
  6. Will my current environment meet the demands of my business in the next three-to-five years?

"Our focus is to help you upgrade the World system quickly and efficiently, allowing your team to get back to running the business."
Dave Balser, Briteskies'
JD Edwards Delivery Director

Installing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne will help advance and streamline your business

With the most current version of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Oracle delivers a software platform that offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. JD Edwards delivers more than 80 application modules to support a diverse set of business processes. Discover all the ways JD Edwards can help your business. 

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EnterpriseOne Implementation

From cleaning up messes to helping you achieve your goals with a net-new EnterpriseOne implementation, our team has years of experience working with EnterpriseOne.

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EnterpriseOne Upgrade

Are you running the latest version of EnterpriseOne? If not, upgrading will allow you to take advantage of new features, prepare your business for growth, and assist with integration projects. 

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Empower your future through a JD Edwards Health Check


A JD Edwards Health Check is a critical evaluation tool

Our agile process has us in and out in two days, and within a week you have an actionable list of priorities and strategies for the future.

Use a Health Check to review your:

  • Business processes
  • Training needs 
  • Current features and functionality

Stepping out of the day-to-day business operations to reflect on what works and what could be better is critical to moving your business forward. A Health Check with Briteskies is a powerful tool to support future business success.

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Looking for implementation, upgrade, functional, technical, or staffing support? We've got you covered. Our experienced technical and functional consultants with 20+ years of experience are ready to support your JD Edwards needs.

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