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Looking for a partner for a JD Edwards implementation project, upgrading your version of JDE, or integrating with an eCommerce platform or another system? Our JD Edwards consulting team will maximize the value and extend the functionality of your system.

Solving your JD Edwards business challenge is our number one priority

Choosing the right JD Edwards consulting partner puts your project on the path for success. As a JD Edwards Gold Partner, our team has the experience to help identify and solve any roadblocks preventing you from effectively using your JDE system. Helping you reduce your costs and improve your ERP business services is what drives us daily.

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JD Edwards upgrade and implementation partner

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JD Edwards Integration Experience

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JD Edwards functional and technical consulting services

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Customer Satisfaction
We pride ourselves on our commitment to building long-term relationships and earning our clients’ trust. In a recent  customer survey, our team scored 4.5/5 on business relationship satisfaction.

"Briteskies was above and beyond the most knowledgeable and easiest [partner] to work with. They had our best interest in mind and were able to provide us the confidence we needed to get through the hardest thing we’ve ever done as a company."

Mike Goschinski

Owner and Founder, Fin Feather Fur Outfitters

Follow JD Edwards integration best practices to improve your business process

An experienced team can help you navigate the most complex JD Edwards integration projects. Our team has 20+ years of experience following JD Edwards integration best practices to improve business systems. Relying on a proven strategy can ensure a seamless transition between systems.

Magento and JD Edwards B2B integration

Key benefits of eCommerce and ERP integration:

  • Reduce costs of your sales transactions
  • Improve accuracy of inventory
  • Develop new revenue channels
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Reduce time between sale and shipment
  • Eliminate duplicate processes or manual data entry

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JD Edwards World and IBM i / AS400

JD Edwards and IBM i are workhorses that have served many mid-market companies. There are, however, growing challenges that need to be faced, including:

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EDI and ERP integration projects

For many B2B companies, the first question that needs to be answered is EDI or eCommerce.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is best suited for high volume order processing, especially when the customer knows exactly what they want or orders the same products consistently. 

Do you need a partner to get your systems talking, solve an EDI backlog, or review your current EDI processes?

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JD Edwards and third-party modules

Interfacing JD Edwards with third-party applications is simple once you’ve identified the right tools for the job.

  • Both World and EnterpriseOne provide interface files and native batch processes to connect with third-party applications
  • Native JDE Business Services provide modern API access to system tables
  • Middleware can be used to tap into those files

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Choose an experienced partner for your JD Edwards World upgrade or EnterpriseOne implementation, upgrade, or migration projects

Looking to upgrade JDE World, migrate from World to EnterpriseOne, or rebound from an unsuccessful JD Edwards implementation? Choose a partner with a documented plan that fits your culture and includes not only the what, the when, and the how, but also the why and the impact. 

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Follow these ten tips to prepare for a successful JD Edwards implementation:

  1. Name an executive sponsor and determine the key stakeholders.
  2. Publish the scope of the project and the change management process.
  3. Set key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics.
  4. Determine both ideal and problematic timing for the project deployment.
  5. Review modifications and determine which are critical and which are not.
  6. Document the risks associated with the project, risk avoidance strategies, and contingency plans.
  7. Start cleaning up the old system.
  8. Think about the education strategy for the new processes and systems.
  9. Consider how to work best with the consulting partner and set the implementation strategy.
  10. Plan potential activities for 12 months after deployment.

Clean Up in Aisle JDE

Sometimes, projects don't go as planned and the partner you chose does not deliver on their promises. You can rely on Briteskies to come in and pick up the pieces of a failed JD Edwards implementation project. Our experienced team has been working with JD Edwards clients for 20+ years and we've seen it all. 

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JD Edwards Consulting Services

Helping you get the desired outcome by providing customized consulting development services and solutions for all your JD Edwards needs.


Technical Support

Do you need technical assistance that is not covered in your support contract?


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When was the last time you evaluated your JD Edwards security protocols?


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How do you know if you need a full warehouse management system (WMS)?


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Configurable Network Computing

Is your CNC environment in question? Are you looking for a CNC audit?


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Are you struggling to find qualified people to provide IT Admin support or JDE EnterpriseOne, JD Edwards World, or RPG assistance?


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Functional Support

Do you need to add, reconfigure, or implement certain modules?


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Acquisitions and Rollouts

Have you acquired a new company and need to rollout JD Edwards software to other branches and divisions?


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Is your month end close taking longer than desired?


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Train Your JDE Team for Success

Team training is one of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of JD Edwards success. Make sure your team knows your system backwards and forwards with formal training sessions.

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JD Edwards Health Check

Whether you’re looking to automate specific processes or enhance your overall system performance, a Briteskies JD Edwards Health Check creates a roadmap for your success. Running a Health Check can help prepare your company for a major software project, navigate corporate change, or simplify your systems.

Goals of a JD Edwards Health Check evaluation and assessment:

  • Evaluate your JD Edwards modules and systems to identify which are underutilized
  • Identify activities that can be automated to reduce manual steps
  • Identify processes that are being tracked outside of JDE but can be moved to the JDE system
  • Review the capabilities of your current version of JDE and identify the potential benefits of a software upgrade

Our proven method delivers a summary of findings, including recommended next steps ranked by time, effort, and impact. 

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