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The Huffy Corporation: a JD Edwards success story

JD Edwards 9.1
Zethcon Synapse WMS

About Huffy

The Huffy Corporation is an American manufacturer and importer of bicycles that has been in business since 1892. For over 100 years, Huffy has manufactured bicycles in Dayton, Ohio, and they have been a major contributor in the history of bicycling in the United States.


Zethcon Synapse
JD Edwards World 9.1



data integration

The Problem

With multiple distribution centers, operation management  is a big concern for the company. Huffy was using a combination of homegrown systems as well as other software to manage these processes.In order for Huffy to have a more efficient and effective system, they needed help developing a solution to streamline processing and distribution operations. Our team was able to work with them to identify a solid integration plan the would integrate a new Warehouse Management System, Zethcon Synapse, with their existing JD Edwards World 9.1 environment, providing them with enhanced functionality.

The Goal

  • Improve basic processing facilities 
  • Refine and manage distribution operations 
  • Create a reliable and accurate warehouse operations system 
  • Enhance visibility into inventory
  • Increase control over Accounts Payable
  • Streamline the order fulfillment process 

The Result

Due to the clean integration between JD Edwards and Zethcon Synapse warehousing systems, data now flows smoothly and easily between the two systems, allowing for steady communication. Transactions are processed timely and accurately, and data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there. 

Each integration point provides Huffy with additional benefits to improve their order fulfillment process and keep inventories in sync. 

Huffy is now equipped to handle any future growth and expansion. With effective and efficient internal controls, Huffy is pedaling past their competition. 


Key Project Benefits:

  • Improved order fulfillment
  • Better inventory control
  • Tight data integration between systems

Due to the complexity of this project, Huffy Corporation required a team of developers with JD Edwards Gold Partner Certifications and additional WMS expertise.

The Solution

  • Identify which interface points were necessary for the integration, and appropriately map the Synapse data to JDE and vice versa
  • Guarantee all business transactions were being communicated between the two systems as accurately and efficiently as possible
  • Design the integration points to satisfy the warehouse operating system requirements


"We were honored to bring our tried and true integration methodology to a company that is so integral to the American biking community, helping them streamline operations and set the stage for growth."
Bill Onion
Managing Partner, Briteskies

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