Magento eCommerce Services

With end-to-end solutions customized to meet your needs, Briteskies and Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, can create a seamless commerce experience and streamlined path to purchase, from order capture to delivery.

Magento eCommerce Consulting Services

At Briteskies, we're a commerce consulting firm providing experienced people and resources to help with your projects. Not only can we plan, develop, and execute your Magento Commerce project, we can lend a hand when you’re short-staffed or need added expertise, from planning to post-go-live.


Certified Magento Professional Solution Partner

With a proven implementation method and years of working closely with Magento as a Professional Partner, our team is ready to build your dream Magento eCommerce site.

Our team has experience implementing net-new Magento environments as well as migrating existing eCommerce data to Magento, including:

  • WCS to Magento eCommerce migration
  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration
  • Open Source to Magento 2
  • Oracle Cloud to Magento 2

Need help integrating your Magento site to your ERP or other third party tools? We have the integration experience you need to ensure your project is a success.

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Our experienced team can fix your eCommerce challenges

Got a botched site design or ineffective integration project? We have you covered. Whether you have disparate platforms that need cohesion or advanced integration needs, our team has seen it all and is ready to make it right.

Worked with a shoddy developer in the past? A site assessment can help you back from that, too.

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Managed services support growth of your Magento site

With a variety of services available, we’re prepared to continue your site’s success long after launch. Our support services include:

  • Technical audits and site checks
  • Marketing audits and recommendations
  • SEO and analytics

Post-implementation support has been exceptional.  On go-live Briteskies provided extra support for unplanned tasks and they have helped us fine-tune the custom interfaces to our Oracle ERP system.”
Bill Bleem
Director of Business Applications, ZOLL Medical Corporation

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Build your eCommerce presence with a Magento implementation, upgrade, or integration

Ready to implement, upgrade, or integrate Magento Commerce? With over ten years of Magento experience and 20+ years of eCommerce experience, our team has the expertise to help you weather the storm. 


Magento Implementations and Migrations

Leave your old eCommerce system behind by migrating from WebSphere Commerce or Oracle Cloud to Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud.

  • Maintain support, improve usability, and enhance your site with a Magento 1 to Magento 2 upgrade
  • Currently on Magento Open Source? Take your site to the next level of performance and professionalism by upgrading to Magento Commerce

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Magento Integrations

No matter how big or small, we’ve found that every project is an integration project. Our Magento integration experience includes:

  • ERP platforms, including JD Edwards, SAP, IBM i, NetSuite, P21, and Oracle E-Business Suite
  • CRM software like HubSpot and Salesforce
  • Third-party tools and applications found in the Magento community 

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Fix even the most daunting eCommerce challenges with a Briteskies Magento assessment

With a decade of Magento experience, our team has seen it all. We're prepared to find the solution to any and all of your eCommerce challenges. We'll even clean up messes left behind by less experienced development groups.


Magento Technical Audit

With a decade of Magento experience, our team can always solve your technical challenges. Analyze questionable code, improve site performance and dependability, and identify areas for updates with a Magento technical audit.  

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Magento Marketing Assessment

Take Magento’s marketing tools further with a Magento marketing assessment. Increase average order value (AOV) and customer lifetime value (CLV) by reviewing your design, content, SEO, conversion, and analytics.

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Support your eCommerce site for future growth with Magento managed services

Go live isn't the end of the line for your Magento Commerce journey. It requires ongoing support to continue to meet goals and grow your business. Find out how our team can keep your site's performance top tier with Magento managed services


Site and Performance Auditing

Ensure the hard work of your Magento implementation, upgrade, or integration doesn’t go to waste. Through site and performance monitoring, you can optimize your site and increase the user experience.

  • Technical audits
  • Security assessments
  • Performance optimization 
  • Advanced and unique projects 

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Magento Growth Services

Your Magento Commerce site is established, now it’s time to grow that progress towards your goals. With growth services and marketing activities, you can reach and exceed your customer acquisition and conversion targets.

  • SEO strategies
  • Pay per click activities
  • Call tracking 

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The Briteskies team really understands JD Edwards and Magento software, which was critical when they rebuilt our integration points between the two software environments.  The new integrations streamlined our processes, cleaned up the integration pain points, and greatly enhanced the overall performance of the site.
Brent Glendening, Carlstar

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The Magento Commerce Experts

Don't just take our word for it – find out how we helped these clients reach their eCommerce goals with a Magento project.


ERP Integration Overhaul Project

Magento Commerce 1 and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Project results:

  • Corrected integration work of a previous vendor
  • Eliminated data duplication
  • Improved site performance
  • Enabled customer-specific pricing loads and order create

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B2C Implementation Project

Magento Commerce 2

Project results:

  • 42% increase in transactions
  • 24% decrease in bounce rate
  • 14% increase in revenue
  • 12% increase in page views

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B2B2C Implementation and Integration Project

Magento Commerce 2, JD Edwards World, and

Project results:

  • Innovative distribution model
  • Average order value of $2,000
  • Steady increase in order volume since launch
  • Improved data communication between systems

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