Magento eCommerce Integration

Businesses like yours rely on more than just one system for success. In our years of Magento integration experience, we've seen it all. No matter the goal or tool needed to address your unique business requirements, our team can handle the challenge.

Leverage the power of Magento with a Magento 2 integration

The only thing more powerful than your Magento site is a Magento integration.
For years, we’ve seamlessly integrated Magento with ERPs and third-party tools to streamline your business operations and improve your customers’ shopping experience.


Magento 2, ERP, and fraud prevention integration

When a precious metal dealer needed a secure eCommerce site to improve their customer experience, we implemented Magento 2 and integrated with their existing ERP as well as multiple pieces of fraud prevention software.

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Magento 2 and JD Edwards integration

We worked with W.S. Darley & Co. to streamline their data transactions and order processes through an integration between Magento 2 and their existing JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system.

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Magento 2, JD Edwards, and Locally integration

Huffy broke the mold when they launched their brand Batch Bicycles. Their unique distribution strategy required an integration between Magento 2, JD Edwards, and Locally to reach shoppers in their own neighborhood.

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Integrate Magento with an existing or new ERP system

"You've probably never integrated to our ERP before – do you think you can handle it?"
We've heard that so many times that we're rarely (if ever) surprised anymore. Here are just a few of the ERPs we've integrated with Magento. 

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

Integrating Magento and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne allowed Batch Bicycles to launch a unique business and distribution model.

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IBM i / AS400

One retailer modernized their eCommerce site while leveraging legacy data by integrating Magento with their AS/400.

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Oracle E-Business Suite

ZOLL Medical Corporation saw a 114% increase in monthly revenue with a Magento and Oracle E-Business Suite integration.

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With a Magento and SAP integration, Lapp Group USA improved their customer experience and freed up resources to work on more pressing responsibilities.

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Exact Macola

Freestore Foodbank increased their repeat customers to 88% after an integration between Magento and Exact Macola.

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Epicor P21

An integration between Magento and Epicor P21 allowed Applied Fluid Power to consolidate platforms and reach more customers than ever before.

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Improve your customer experience with a Magento B2B integration

Magento has been named a leader in B2B eCommerce due to its customer service, extendability, and scalability. Pair those top-of-the-line features with our team's years of B2B integration experience and you're well on your way to B2B eCommerce success.


Years of B2B eCommerce integration expertise

B2B buyers demand the same intuitive online buying experience as B2C, and a streamlined B2B eCommerce implementation and ERP integration can get you there. Our team has been integrating Magento with ERP since before it was cool, helping our clients answer common customer questions like:

  • Do you have this item in stock?
  • What is my price?
  • Where is my order?

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Briteskies wrote the book on B2B eCommerce Integration

With 20+ years of experience and as a Magento Solutions Partner for over 10, Briteskies has been helping B2B companies set themselves up for B2B success long before it was trendy.

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Check out these B2B articles from Bill Onion, Briteskies' Managing Director

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Extend Magento's capabilities with third-party modules and tools

One of the benefits of choosing Magento is the access you gain to the Magento community of developers and the modules they create. The Magento community provides access to any and all tools you may need to take your eCommerce site to the next level.


Enhancing Magento's eCommerce functionality with third-party tools

Our integration experience includes:

  • CRM software, including HubSpot
  • Google Analytics
  • Chat software, including olark, LiveChat, and Intercom
  • Call tracking software, including Twillo and CallRail
  • Email management software, including Dotmailer
  • Sales tax tools, such as Avalara
  • Social media

Be sure to follow best practices

The sky is the limit when it comes to what's available in the Magento marketplace. But just because there are hundreds of options available doesn't mean you need to use them all. Remember:

  • Limit your modules to 10 – 15 max
  • Keep it to one module per function
  • Work with a certified partner

Magento Integration Preparation Checklist

A Magento integration project doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start with our steps for preparing for a Magento integration project.


Define the eCommerce strategy

Is your site intended to increase revenue, decrease costs, or improve customer satisfaction? Rank those goals in order of importance, with only one ranked as most important.


Engage the sales team

A Magento site can be a valuable tool in your sales teams’ arsenal to effectively and efficiently meet customer needs. Make sure they understand what role the site will play in the company and how they can leverage it for success.


Establish a project leader

There must be a champion for this endeavor within your organization, someone who will help to drive the project through to launch and ensure that it gets the TLC it deserves thereafter. 


Identify the primary data source

Determine where each data element will be stored and which system owns the data to ensure accurate, accessible data.


Put the business logic where it belongs

Eliminate redundancies by keeping business functions within the system that is best suited for processing each function.


Use the best integration methodology available

When deciding on which methodology to use, either what is already in place or a new technology, consider the initial programming needs as well as ongoing support.

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