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A Magento 2 Success Story

Magento Commerce 2
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About the Client

This client is a precious metal dealer that originally launched in 2012 with a goal of selling the lowest cost, highest quality bullion available. The store began as an offshoot to a website that discusses the precious metal market and the value of hard assets and preparation. When they wanted to provide a resource for readers to purchase gold and silver bullion, the client’s eCommerce site was born.

Not only does this client have some of the best precious metal prices in the market, they also offer secure storage solutions for precious metals investors.


Fraud prevention integration solution

Created a fully stable, scalable, and sustainable platform

Increased customer security

Improved email capabilities to support customer service

The Problem

The client had started to outgrow their legacy eCommerce platform. Their existing site was not very user friendly, especially for their internal users. There had been a lot of developer involvement in the creation of the site, making it difficult for business users to make a change without getting IT involved. 

The precious metal industry is rife with fraud issues, which was another issue that the client wanted to address for the security of their customers. In keeping with their ‘Lowest Price. Period.’ commitment to their customers, there is not a great deal of price inflation to protect against fraud. If someone were to get away with a fraudulent order it could take days to recoup those losses. With average order values in the thousands of dollars, that is not a liability that the client can afford. This pushed the client to move to Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud. 

The Goals

  • Improve fraud prevention capabilities 
  • Create an easy and secure customer purchasing process
  • Increase average monthly site users
  • Increase annual revenue 
  • Create a site that is easier for internal users to manage

The Result

By implementing Magento Commerce 2, the client now has a
fully featured, stable, scalable, and extendable platform that will support future business growth. Integrations with Signifyd and Kount ensure fraud prevention and customer security, and the extended email capabilities allow the client to keep customers informed throughout the purchasing process.

Their industry specifications required integrations with fraud prevention tools, advanced transactional email communication capabilities, and real-time precious metal market pricing feeds, as well as admin customizations. 


Key Project Benefits:

  • Improved security for customers
  • Customized admin functionality
  • Site set up for future growth

The Solution

  • Re-platform the existing site from the legacy UberCart platform onto Magento Commerce 2
  • Integrate Magento with the existing ERP, Linnworks, using the following integration points: inventory balances, order creation, and shipment updates
  • Integrate Magento with fraud prevention tools Signifyd and Kount to work with the client’s custom order process to prevent fraudulent orders from being approved
  • Leverage the third-party tool Optimonk through a Magento integration to support the clients content marketing strategy
  • Use a customized Magento admin panel as the customer service order entry portal
  • Create an admin ordering process that is more user friendly so that admins have as intuitive a shopping experience as front end shoppers
"Despite the unique challenge of implementing failsafe fraud prevention for the precious metal market, leveraging our team's tested integration process made this project painless for our client."
Gian Genovesi
Magento Delivery Lead, Briteskies

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