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ZOLL Medical Corporation: a Magento implementation and integration success story

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Oracle E-Business Suite
Mule ESB
Custom B2B API (My Devices)

About ZOLL Medical Corporation

ZOLL Medical Corporation develops and markets medical devices and software solutions for emergency care, such as defibrillators. ZOLL provides a comprehensive set of technologies that help clinicians, EMS, fire professionals, and even everyday rescuers treat victims who need resuscitation and critical care. 

What sets ZOLL apart from other eCommerce sites is that they do not sell their primary product, defibrillators, online. Rather, they sell accessories for those machines, such as pads, cables, and batteries. Instead of the typical goal of marketing and selling the primary product, the goal of the ZOLL eCommerce site is to make it easier for customers to quickly and accurately find the appropriate accessories for their defibrillator.

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16% increase
in orders
per month

since launch

25% increase
in YOY sales

114% increase
in monthly

The Problem

The ZOLL eCommerce site was running on an extension of Oracle E-Business Suite called iStore, which was outdated and no longer met their business needs. The bolt-on application had a lot of inefficiencies and was not very user- or mobile-friendly, and ZOLL’s clientele began demanding a more modern eCommerce experience.

In order to update the site, ZOLL turned to Briteskies to implement a new eCommerce site using Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud, and integrate it with Oracle EBS.

The Goals

  • Increase the number of unique accounts that place an order on the site by 50%
  • Decrease the amount of returns made on incompatible items
  • Increase the number of accounts that place multiple orders
  • Increase the revenue of the top 25 accounts through the online channel
  • Increase revenue 10% over the first year
  • Have a mobile-ready responsive site

The Result

Briteskies' integration experience with Magento Commerce and Oracle eBusiness Suite was crucial to the success of this project. 

In the first months after launching the new implementation, ZOLL saw some amazing sales results. With their new Magento Enterprise site and integration, ZOLL now has a responsive, mobile-ready site that provides an enhanced user experience for customers.

Thanks to the My Devices module, customers now have a clear idea of which items are compatible with their capital device, leading to more accurate ordering.

ZOLL's increase in efficiency and positive user-experience has set them up for successful future growth. ZOLL can continue saving lives. 


Key Project Benefits:

  • Responsive mobile-ready site
  • Improved ordering functionality resulting in fewer returns
  • Customized ordering module - My Devices
  • Enhanced user experience

As a growing company with limited resources, the ZOLL team did not have as much internal bandwidth as they would have liked to work on this project. But, they wanted this new site done and done right.

The Solution

  • Organize the products on the site so that they match their capital item, allowing customers to find and order the appropriate accessories for their machine
  • Utilize Mule ESB as a middleware software tool to pass order creation, order update, customer, and pricing data between the systems
  • Build a custom B2B API to establish and manage customer pricing, giving ZOLL the ability to view a customer’s list of SKUs and prices and change, create, or delete pricing
  • Create a My Devices module where an admin can indicate which capital devices their organization uses, which then flags the compatible accessories for all other users at that organization
"I recommend Briteskies to anyone looking for a Magento implementation and really suggest that anyone considering a Web Store with an integration to in-house ERP systems has to talk to them. They have proven their ability to us that they know integration."
Bill Bleem 
Director of Business Applications, ZOLL Medical Corporation 

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