Refine the consolidation process with a JD Edwards upgrade

Scott Fetzer: a JD Edwards success story 

JD Edwards World A9.3
IBM i OS 7.1

About Scott Fetzer

Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of a variety of products from over 20 businesses. George Scott and Carl Fetzer founded their company as a machine shop in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1914. They were joined by Jim Kirby to produce their first major product, Kirby vacuum cleaners. The company is now owned by Berkshire-Hathaway and produces everything from encyclopedias and Ginsu knives to electrical fittings and sump pumps.


Created a
more intuitive user



More efficient and faster

Minimal disruption to business during project

The Problem

Scott Fetzer was running JD Edwards World A8.1 primarily for financials; their month-end corporate consolidations and reporting, fixed assets, and accounts payable.

In order to stay on JD Edwards support, they needed to upgrade to JD Edwards World A9.3.

The Goals

  • Stay on JD Edwards support
  • Maintain existing complex financial consolidations system
  • Improve web interface
  • Improve system processing times

The Result

The longstanding business relationships between Briteskies and Scott Fetzer provided a solid foundation for the success of this A8.1 to A9.3 upgrade.

Like most JD Edwards customers, Scott Fetzer upgraded to stay on support. But the company, specifically their financial users, have realized additional benefits.

Prior to the upgrade, Scott Fetzer was using an older Seagull GUI, which didn't provide the functionality and stability of the A9.3 web interface. Users now benefit from a more intuitive browser-based GUI.

Additionally, this was an opportunity to upgrade the hardware, which has resulted in shorter program run time, making the close process faster and more efficient. 


Key Project Benefits:

  • Shorter program run time
  • Faster close process 
  • Improved efficiencies
  • Upgraded operating system (OS 7.1)

The Solution

After years of working together, Scott Fetzer knew they could rely on the Briteskies team to get this upgrade done. Our team helped Scott Fetzer: 

"JD Edwards World is a powerful system to be sure, but upgrading to maintain JD Edwards support is crucial. Don't let the fear of an upgrade keep you from a secure and safe environment."
Dave Balser
JD Edwards Delivery Director, Briteskies

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