Implementing a Budget-Friendly Security Solution

Assessing the security environment of remote workers

IBM i 

About The Project

When the pandemic hit and stay-at-home orders were issued, many companies, including our client, went remote. With a fully-remote workforce, our client wanted to ensure that the remote connections to office PCs were secure on the IBM server. Briteskies was hired as IBM i and Security professionals to help double check that appropriate security measures were being taken.

Once started, security problems popped up right and left and it was a good thing the client sought out our services before something went terribly wrong.

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Identified and documented security vulnerabilities

Created security improvement roadmap

Trained employees
on best security practices

Stayed within budget while implementing security tools

The Problem

The business was using a home style router in their office instead of a consumer grade one. While home style routers are fine for the average home user, they lack the necessary cybersecurity measures business networks require to protect large amounts of sensitive materials.

Secondly, their network design was majorly flawed and outdated leaving them susceptible to incoming attacks without any way to fight them off.

The Goals

  • Update hardware and software
  • Outline security priority checklist
  • Train staff in best practices so additional security improvements can be implemented
  • Identify and install security tools which stay within company budget

The Result

As the client was keen to keep costs low, we worked with what they had in place and advised on what to prioritize. 

After identifying the obvious, and less obvious, security vulnerabilities, our team went to work with teaching the client how to implement best security practices.

With the training and help of Briteskies's IBM i and security expert, Robert Nettgen, the client was able to secure their current environment and now knows steps to take to continuously improve their information security blueprint in the future. 

By training the individuals within the organization, we empowered them to take security into their own hands.


Key Project Benefits:

By identifying and subsequently highlighting the vulnerabilities, the client was able to prioritize and tackle each issue in an organized and budget-friendly manner. 
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The Solution

  • Upgrade the router and network hardware
  • Adopt CIS Controls as a template for information security policies
  • Implement multifactor authentication for all remote connections
  • Mapped our firmware options
  • Recommended specific security tools to utilize 
  • Serve as a guide and mentor to empower individuals within the organization to comfortably take on the responsibility of keeping the business secure 
"Security isn't any one thing. It’s a combination of best practices performed by people, appropriate procedures and policies in place, working together with the necessary technology and tools to create a secure environment."
Robert Nettgen
IBM i and Security Expert, CISSP, Briteskies

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