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RectorSeal: an Adobe Commerce Cloud success story

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud, powered by Magento
  • uRapidFlow product and category importer/exporter tool
  • Progressive Web App – translating eCommerce to a mobile-friendly experience

About RectorSeal

RectorSeal is a division of CSW Industrials, (CSWI: NASDAQ), a publicly-traded, diversified industrial company. The company has developed a robust line of chemical, mechanical, and fire-stopping products. These products are distributed through an extensive wholesale distribution network serving the plumbing, industrial, HVAC-Refrigeration, construction, electrical, and hardware marketplaces.


128% increase in same quarter revenue year over year

23% decrease
in page
load times

149% increase
in page views
year over year

117% increase
in new users
year over year

The Problem

As RectorSeal was expanding and evolving their digital technologies, they needed an eCommerce experience to meet those new standards. They needed to migrate their site from strictly content to a platform that could support content and commerce. 

The Goals

  • Integrated website for product information and ordering
  • User-friendly interface
  • Custom pricing functionality

The Result

The project went live at the end of 2020 and it has been a tremendous sales enablement tool for RectorSeal. The project has supported RectorSeal’s goal to be available whenever and wherever customers have a product need to fill. The eCommerce solution has allowed RectorSeal to streamline interactions with customers – leading to increased efficiency and productivity for the company and its customers.

Additionally, the PWA portal has allowed sales reps and distributors mobile access to product data, giving clients insight into their desired products on site. Our PWA implementation replaced a previous app the team had been using with an integrated experience that uses established Adobe Commerce data.


Key Project Benefits:

  • Unified eCommerce experience
  • User-friendly, customer-centric pricing, ordering, and reporting
  • Mobile app via established integration points and Adobe Commerce PWA functionality

Features of the eCommerce platform include:

  • Improved search
  • Intuitive product categories
  • Robust security
  • Training program information
  • Resource library
  • Products guides

The Solution

Briteskies recommended an integration that created a web front-end that offered a unified search experience for both marketing content and product information – allowing customers to view both types of information on a single site. Now, search and ordering can be handled as a simple web-based function – thanks to an ERP integration.

And the RectorSeal eCommerce platform is designed to allow manufacturer representatives, distributors, end-users, and RectorSeal’s sales staff access to the company’s complete product line 24/7/365.

Website users have the ability to:

  • Review product specifications
  • Learn performance details about RectorSeal products
  • Search which applications work best with RectorSeal products
  • Check inventory
  • View customized pricing
  • Order goods and services
  • Track delivery
  • View order, shipment, and invoice history with real-time integration to JD Edwards

In addition, Adobe Commerce PWA functionality provides a mobile-friendly platform for sales reps, distributors, and clients. Now all users have a consistent experience regardless of their operating system. 

“As an industry-leading manufacturer, the company needed an eCommerce platform that lived up to their good reputation and supported their loyal customer base.” 
Gian Genovesi
Commerce Delivery Lead, Briteskies

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