Create a cohesive business unit by implementing a JD Edwards EnterpriseOne rollout

A JD Edwards success story

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

About the Client

This client specializes in the manufacture and distribution of highly engineered cryogenic equipment that is used to separate oxygen, nitrogen, and noble gasses from air, as well as the processing of natural gas. 


Coached branch companies through go live

Increased cohesiveness between branches

Improved functionality

Increased financial analysis capabilities

The Problem

When this client grew by acquisition, they acquired a small manufacturing unit that was running their own ERP system. The client wanted to bring this operating unit up on JD Edwards, which was the ERP system the client was already running corporate-wide.

The acquired operating unit was running an ERP system with homegrown engineering and manufacturing processes, and teh financial applications were in Macola. This disparate system meant that the parent company only had insight into what the operating unit was doing through end-of-month reports. 

In order to achieve more timely communication, our client wanted to roll JD Edwards EnterpriseOne out to the newly acquired branch to bring the entire company onto a cohesive ERP.

The Goals

  • Improve operational efficiencies 
  • Have all business units run on the same ERP system 
  • Increased visibility into individual business unit operations  
  • Standardize business processes 

The Result

Briteskies' expertise in JD Edwards implementations allows for smooth and successful integrations every-time, for every situation. 

After the EnterpriseOne rollout, the parent company can now monitor the branch’s inventory levels, sales order backlog, manufacturing backlog, vendor relationships, and financial performance throughout the month. This increased visibility helps these two formerly disparate operations function as one cohesive business.


Companies can gain better access to key operational performance indicators on a timelier basis with standardized businesses process on a single ERP platform.

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The Solution

Our team has developed a strategy with common steps for JD Edwards rollouts, but of course, no two rollouts are the same. For this project, our team: 

  • Visited the new branch of the company for a discovery session to learn how this newly acquired business operated and what they required for an ERP system
  • Designed a configuration in JD Edwards that would achieve what the branch needed without negatively impacting the parent company’s implementation; essentially, melding the new branch’s business processes with the parent company’s business processes to make everything consistent
  • Stood the branch up as a separate company in JD Edwards and go through the standard implementation procedures such as version configuration, loading master files, etc.
"The importance of running your entire organization on one ERP cannot be overstated. After completing the rollout, the client was thrilled with the results."
Dave Balser
JD Edwards Delivery Director, Briteskies

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