Extend existing functionality and achieve business growth with an IBM i modernization

Alliance Petroleum Company: an IBM i modernization success story


About Alliance Petroleum Company

Alliance Petroleum Company is an independent oil and gas company located in Canton, Ohio, with primary operations in the Appalachian Basin. Established in 1985, APC prides themselves on being one of the best oil and natural gas well operations east of the Mississippi River, and they are currently focused on wells in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.


55,000 records

Better equipped to handle website traffic

Manage high volume of contracts

Laid the foundation for future growth

The Problem

Like many companies, Alliance Petroleum Company’s RPG and COBOL code base had been around for years, but they felt that their existing business data and logic was locked within their IBM i and that code base. APC was interested in extending the reach of their platform for future growth opportunities while leveraging their established data and IBM i system.

To expand APC’s software and achieve a modern user experience without losing their valuable existing data, our team tackled an IBM i modernization project.

The Goals

  • Create an automated data entry system 
  • Implement an IBM i-based document management system 
  • Develop an investor self-service web portal 
  • Provide customers with a modern user experience  
  • Reduce manual processing and human error 
  • Increase business efficiencies 
  • Extend the reach of the existing IBM i platform for future growth opportunities

The Result

Briteskies' expertise in creating customized and  cost-conscious modules for IBM i was key to APC's success.

The creation of customized tools led to APC's ability to fully leverage their current IBM i system. This allows APC to give external users a modernized front-end experience and improve employee efficiency and human error rate.

As a result, APC can find all of their old and new data in one location with the ability to easily access specific documents. 

In the future they can add additional properties, handle an increase in website traffic, and mange high-volume contracts. APC can now grow as quickly and as largely as they desire.


 Key Project Benefits:

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Fewer manual processes
  • Foundation for growth

The Briteskies team was able to expedite the modernization by developing a custom C# code.

The Solution

Modernizing an existing IBM i platform isn’t a job for just anyone. APC trusted our team of IBM i Application Specialists with years of additional ERP experience to:

  • Develop an automated business processing system in order to eliminate human error and improve the efficiency of bookkeeping through a portal that extended the reach of the current system out to the website
  • Build a customized, secure online portal to allow APC's external parties such as landowners and investors to access necessary information
  • Add a batch processing system that uses all of the business logic already contained in the existing data entry process
  • Migrate the existing business logic and new data into one ERP system for easy access
"It doesn't make sense to replace your IBM i in favor of something newer and shinier just because. That system holds your crucial business data and is integral to your operation. A modernization project can bring your IBM i user experience up to date while maintaining that critical data."
Bill Onion
Managing Partner, Briteskies

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