Maintaining System Integrity through a Managed Service Contract

Full-Time Employee Attention at a Cost Saving Solution

IBM i +  JDE World
Power 9 Hardware
Manhattan SCALE + Eradani Connect

About the Client 

The client is one of the global leaders in transmission and driveline-related solutions. As a global supplier of products, the client has a distribution network of over 100 locations in over 80 countries. With customers ranging from small to large repair shops, franchise resellers, and production rebuilders, the client interacts with customers of all sizes and needs, the client's financials, warehousing, and internal needs to function and coordinate accordingly. 

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Scheduled monthly maintenance support

Real-time troubleshooting of problem notifications

Manages, prioritizes, & installs PTF updates

Weekly meetings for open communication between client and provider

The Problem

The company's IBM i System Administrator was set to retire, but there was a current backlog of projects that they still needed help on. Besides for the standard in-house support necessary for this multi-billion dollar business, the company had plans to: 

  • Relocate their servers
  • Update their Warehouse Management System
  • Stay up-to-date with company and industry requirements and needs

Operating without a system admin would leave a large gap in their skills; however a full-time employee was likely not needed as the system was well-kept. While the dev team could help with small projects, they wouldn’t be able to give the attention required to truly administer the system.

Managed Service Offerings

  • Dedicated support hours
  • Performance enhancements & software patches
  • Enhanced security protections and updates
  • Automated & multi-device testing
  • Plugin and extension audits
  • Amplified site uptime monitoring and alerts
  • Reporting & analytics recommendations
  • Staff Training

The Result

Hiring full-time staff can be an expensive undertaking without providing valuable benefits and in reality, the support work needed didn’t require a full, 100% dedicated team to maintain.

Briteskies was hired on a managed service contract to maintain the health of their system and also be on-call as needs arise.

"I install applications, troubleshoot issues, and solve problems. Not only do I manage day-to-day things as needed, but I also look for opportunities for improvement and the support I've offered this client includes handling both technical and bureaucratic issues." 

- Rob, Briteskies Senior Consultant

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Key Project Benefits:

Within the first year, the servers were seamlessly moved, with Briteskies handling the full direction of the systems administration environment – including O/S updates, PTF and batch job processing, backup and restore processes, and hardware updates and migrations (from Power8 to Power9).

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As new projects arise, Briteskies is there to assist and lead the client through the processes - which to date have included Warehouse Management System upgrades and API integration, as well as various others.

The Solution

As System Admin, the Briteskies team handles

  • PTF installation
  • Troubleshooting issues as they arise
  • Ensuring the system is current for all patches
  • Preventative site monitoring
  • Real-time alerts if any questionable changes in performance

With weekly calls, Briteskies ensures that current and future projects are aligned, that a clear path for upcoming projects and deadlines are mapped, and that any questions or concerns are addressed and solved in the best and quickest manner possible. 


As a managed service contractor it is our sole job to make sure our response times are quick, the systems we are responsible for are well-maintained, and that we are bringing a high level of expertise to the table. There can't be a laundry list of things to do, if there is, it means we aren't doing our job.                  
Bill Onion
Briteskies, Managing Director

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