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CVI Laser Optics: a Magento implementation and integration success story

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About CVI Laser Optics

CVI Laser Optics specializes in the design and manufacture of high performance optical components for use in lasers, laser beam conditioning, and laser beam delivery from the UV to the near-IR. They create optical assemblies and subsystems for volume OEM applications in science and industry, including spherical components, flats, polarization control, prisms, and waveplates. They also provide a range of low dispersion and dispersion compensated optical components for ultrafast laser applications.

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Improved user experience

Automated ordering process

Increased site functionality

Grew overall sales numbers

The Problem

CVI's existing Oracle Commerce Cloud site was causing quite a few headaches for their team. The software they were running was not primed for integration to their existing ERP, it was not dependable, and they could not quickly and easily make changes to website content or products without developer involvement. One specific problem they were having was with pricing. Volume discounts were displaying when they didn't apply, or customers would see volume pricing and calculations for currencies that were not relevant.

In order to alleviate these problems as well as better utilize their budget, CVI decided to move to Magento Commerce, part of Adobe Commerce Cloud. Our team's experience in implementing, customizing, and integrating Magento environments made a natural match for this project. 

The Goals

  • Allow customers to purchase as companies as opposed to individuals
  • Correct inaccurate pricing information
  • Easily create custom products and pricing for certain customers
  • Accurately display inventory lead times
  • Integrate with existing ERP to automate order process
  • Build on a modern, flexible platform that allows for changes without developer involvement

The Result

The month after go live brought CVI's highest monthly revenue ever.

Since going live, CVI has seen a more performant and user-friendly site. Search results are more accurate, proper pricing is being displayed, and it's now easier to find the CVI website via search engines.

The streamlined user experience is completed by their unique PLP setup. As opposed to having PDPs, CVI utilizes PLPs with the option to expand product details. This is tailored to their customers, who typically know what they want and are only interested in buying that item, not learning about other offerings. This setup makes it easier for customers to get what they need and then get back to work.

With their new Magento Commerce site and integration to their existing ERP, CVI has been able to automate their order taking process and free up inside sales personnel to actually sell to growth customers and deal with custom orders.

All of these benefits have led to a 28.3% overall sales increase in the months since go live. Additionally, CVI has decided to continue the partnership with our team through a strategic growth phase to implement ongoing marketing improvements. 


Key Project Benefits:

  • Overall sales increase of 28.3%
  • Average monthly sales increase of 14%
  • Improved functionality and user experience
  • Automated order taking process has freed up inside sales team to attend to customers who need added assistance

Using our proven Magento implementation methodology, our team was able to create the fully-functional eCommerce site that CVI needed, complete with customizations and an integration to their ERP system. 

The Solution

  • Follow our Magento implementation methodology to set CVI up with an easy-to-use, fully functional eCommerce site
  • Implement custom, more accurate lead times through Magento's flexible options and a Briteskies customization
  • Create custom products and pricing for Prime customers, who often build custom prototypes, so that they can save a custom product and have the ability to order it directly from the site
  • Integrate Magento with Glovia to streamline the order process and free up resources
“Our customers just like this site so much better, due to improved functionality and user experience. We are able to move our customers to the website to place orders, which frees up our inside sales department to work on other important sales functions and leave the order taking and order entry to the website functionality."
Juli Farresta
eCommerce Project Coordinator, CVI Laser Optics 

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