JDE World Upgrade Success Story

JDE World ERP upgrade from A7.3 to A9.3.

JDE Edwards World


Headquartered in the Midwest but with locations around the
world, this company is one of the largest producers of industrial
and value-added sand in North America. Their products are used
in various industries including oil and natural gas extraction,
building and construction, water treatment, glassmaking, and
recreation. In order to keep their thriving business up to date,
this company engaged Briteskies, an Oracle Gold Partner, for a
JD Edwards World ERP upgrade from A7.3 to A9.3.



The Problem

The primary reason for upgrading was to maintain Premier Oracle/JD Edwards support level. Oracle support for A7.3 ended in 2013, and the client recognized that maintaining this level of support was critical to its ongoing operational and compliance requirements. The client also understood the benefits to its operations resulting from implementing the latest features and functionality provided by upgrading to A9.3.

While the technical aspects of this project were fairly typical for this type of project, the surrounding business environment created several risks to an uneventful go live. The client had two other major initiatives occurring at the same time as the upgrade. One, a major acquisition closed in the middle of the upgrade project schedule, significantly increasing the number of facilities the company was operating. These new facilities were not on JD Edwards and did not follow the same business processes as the new parent company. The other obstacle was that the logistics management software that controlled receiving, shipping, and transportation at distribution facilities was being

The Goals

  • Maintain Premier support for JD Edwards World
  • Protect operational and compliance requirements
  • Benefits of having access to the latest features and functionalities available in A9.3
  • Successful go-live not impacted by additional business initiatives

The Result

The upgraded system went live with no disruption to everyday business processes and with no interruption in services after go-live weekend even with the acquisition and replacement of key logistics management thrown into the mix.

Thanks in part to the new JDE World A9.3 functionality, the client was able to reduce the number of modifications to the system. Additional new functionality available to the client included easier data import and export, new batch processes to replace interactive ones, and interface enhancements that together provide a strong foundation for growth. Along with providing the client with the functionality desired on time and without incident, the project was completed at approximately 80% of the budget.


Key Project Benefits:

  • Completed on time and under budget
  • Reduced number of custom system modifications needed
  • Improved systems to support growth
  • Provided continued access to Oracle Premier Support



Along with providing the client with the functionality desired on time and without incident, the project was completed at approximately 80% of the budget.

The Solution

The upgrade project followed Briteskies’ standard methodology for a JDE World upgrade.

  1. A systems discovery took place, which included a deep dive into the system in order to nail down a project plan and resource planning.
  2. That two-week process was followed by the technical phase and a mock go-live.
  3. After the mock go-live, user acceptance testing began, which involved our team working with the company to test their business processes on the upgraded software.
  4. This particular site started at JDE World version A7.3 level 12 and upgraded to JDE World version A9.3.1.1. Because of the large gap between the two versions, the change in functionality between where they started and what they upgraded to created an added challenge to the testing process.
  5. Once it was confirmed that all processes were
    operating appropriately, there was a week of go-live preparation.
  6. The go-live took place over a weekend, followed by a few weeks of post-go live support.

“Both we and the client were concerned about the increased risks the acquisition and the logistics project brought to the
upgrade. But our strong partnership with the client’s internal teams kept communications open, so we were always aware
of where the other projects stood. In the end, go-live was executed smoothly because the team was able to plan around the risks.”

 - Dave Balser, Delivery Director

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