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Building Quick, Easy and Pain-Free Scalability For Innovative Covid Testing Startup

Curative: a Commerce success story

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About Curative

Founded in January 2020, on the forefront of an global pandemic, Curative is a biomedical startup with a new and innovative way to test for sepsis. The medical team quickly discovered that the mouth-swab testing could also be used as pain-free alternative to test for COVID-19 – compared to the intrusive nasal swab testing format. They were able to get FDA approval within a few months.

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COVID-19 tests processed per week across three high-capacity labs.


Doctors, scientists, engineers, and experts working together to build a healthier tomorrow.


Sites for testing and other healthcare services throughout the United States.

The Problem

With supply chains becoming strained due to the onslaught of COVID-19 pandemic testing, Curative pivoted to COVID-19 testing in early March 2020.  

The good news is that Curative got private equity backing and received an extensive contract to provide their rapid-response COVID-19 test to the Department of Defense and a number of state governments and municipalities. The challenge was that they needed to create a backend to their website capable of managing the entire supply chain for the Department of Defense. This require creating custom functionality that allowed users could to not only order tests, but quickly and easily forward tests – priority overnight – to their laboratories in order to expedite test results. All of this required custom functionality, which Curative needed in a tight timeline as they worked to face the growing pandemic.  

The Goals

  • Quickly developing an eCommerce system integrated into ShipEngine/ShipStation  
  • Building an easy-to-use test ordering and return system and user interface
  • Ensure users aren't purchasing more than their allocated amount of tests 
  • Adhere to a strict and necessary timeline – a matter of weeks

The Result

With their newly implemented WooCommerce site and effective integration with ShipStation, Curative is able to supply the Department of Defense with their COVID-19 tests and expand their reach even further, helping to fight the global pandemic.  

The success of Curative's initial testing system with the Department of Defense has allowed them to expand their market, bringing pain-free COVID-19 testing to even more people who need it. In a short period of time, Curative has grown from a small startup with a handful of employees to employing 1,300 and they’ve have scaled to process 1 million tests per week.  

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Key Project Benefits:

  • Enables users to easily order and return their test kits
  • Able to control the number of tests order per location based on allocation available 
  • Location filtering capabilities
  • Quick deployment
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The Solution

Briteskies built the Curative website backend, quickly and efficiently, in order to process and manage an influx of orders from the Department of Defense – to place orders, authenticate order numbers, and generate shipping labels to return administered test kit samples to be tested and schedule a UPS pickup for the test kit.

Solution Highlights:

  • Users are created in WooCommerce with their allocation limits and return shipping method 
  • Users order tests, with WooCommerce syncing the order into ShipStation 
  • The user initiates the return using the original order number. They must include specific return data in order for the return to be processed. 
    • WooCommerce updates ShipStation with the return information 
    • ShipStation processes the data, providing the user with both shipping instructions and a shipping label 

“Their rapid testing was a welcomed answer to COVID-19 testing, and while a Defense Contract represented a tremendous opportunity for Curative, as
a small startup, it also required rapid development of a scalable back-end solution to support immediate needs and rapid growth."
Gian Genovesi
Magento Delivery Lead, Briteskies

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