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Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company: an IBM i Staffing Success Story

About Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company

Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway Company is the largest Ohio-based railroad and among the largest regional railroads in the country. Their service area includes 840 miles of track and over 140,000 freight carloads operating in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Maryland. 

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The Problem

After their on-staff RPG developer left the company, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway began searching for a replacement, but finding a senior developer within commutable distance to their location was proving to be nearly impossible. Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway reached out to Briteskies to explore the possibility of outsourcing development for their IBM i / AS400 to fill in the gap left by their developer leaving. 

The Goals

  • Enhance existing IBM i system by continuously modernizing modules in order to stay competitive with industry trends
  • Increase efficiency by improving business systems 
  • Customize existing system according to the company's needs and industry trends
  • Gain access to a skilled RPG developer without needing to cover the overhead costs of a new employee

By choosing Briteskies, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway gained access to a team of high quality developers 

Using Briteskies for outsourced RPG support, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway was able to take advantage of our full team of IBM i experts, not just a single person. With multiple people available to provide RPG support, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway had a greater level of AS400 experience and bandwidth available to them without needing to pay the employee overhead costs. Our team-based approach also meant that even when one staffer is on leave, another is there to jump into place and keep things moving along smoothly. 

With a specific account manager and biweekly check-ins, Briteskies continues to keep a strong pulse on the account to ensure all needs are being met and continuously work to increase business efficiency and system sustainability for Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway. 


Services Provided to Client:  

  • Created a customized AS400 data extraction process which reformatted information and shared it with a third-party's system 
  • Updated billing processes to increase efficiency and remove data conversion error
  • Continuously perform system audits to identify low-performing modules and set plans for improvements
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The Solution

By using Briteskies for their IBM i / AS400 resource needs, Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway was able to acquire high-level RPG resources to solve their staffing challenge. Our RPG developer seamlessly transitioned into the role updating various processes, maintaining the health of the Railway's AS400 system, and serving as an overall tech support resource.

Because Briteskies is a full service consulting company, our developer had no need to be on-boarded by the Railway and was able to begin working on day 1, decreasing lag time between the leaving of their employee and the arrival of ours.

To date, Briteskies has tended to various customized IBM i / AS400 needs for the Railway and is on-call to step in and assist on whatever projects and issues may arise.  

    “I just wanted to let you know that the first week            with the new billing system went off without a                hitch.  It was really great billing things as they came      in instead of all at once on Friday. Thank you for all        your hard work on this, it is really appreciated!”                         - Robert H, Transportation Billing Lead

"As a client that has used Briteskies for many years on a variety of IBM i related projects, we are excited to work with them on a consistent base through our outsourced development agreement. Having dedicated resources available to us on a managed hour basis allows us flexibility in how those hours are used, giving us greater support in our shifting areas of needs." 
- Marc Masters, IT Director 

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