What is Magento?

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that allows businesses to take total control of their online channels. Through an easily understood user interface, Magento provides businesses with the ability to make powerful changes to their eCommerce sites to attract and retain more customers, establish and maintain brand awareness, simplify the buying process for consumers and customize the look, feel and usability of the site. With the business users, not the tech specialists, in mind, Magento developed a simple way for companies to control every aspect of their eCommerce channel. Magento continuously updates its software to include the latest in eCommerce functionality, and the full list of its features continues to grow.

Briteskies is an official Magento Silver Solution Partner, and home to Ohio’s largest group of certified developers.


Who Chooses Magento?

Well suited for organizations that are either new to the eCommerce realm or are looking to migrate from another platform, Magento clients range from mom-and-pop shops and start ups to multi-million dollar organizations. The flexibility and scalability offered by Magento makes it an ideal platform for companies large and small, and the lower cost of ownership makes Magento an affordable option as well. Magento is especially well tailored for those that require heavily customized shopping carts, such as our client Dorya, or those that have multiple integration points such as JetStream Genetics, another client.

The scalability, flexibility, affordability and overall robustness of Magento Enterprise Edition provides companies of all sizes and abilities the opportunity to leverage their online channel to the fullest.