“With our extensive understanding of the manufacturing and distribution spaces, Briteskies is in a unique position to offer integrated eCommerce solutions to start-up shops and global enterprises alike.”
Bill Onion, Managing Director

Why eCommerce?

The eCommerce channel has seen continued double-digit growth despite the sputtering economic times (internetretailer.com). It is vital that B2B and B2C organizations have two things: an online store and an eCommerce presence that features a functional design, search engine optimized content, and customized shopping experiences. Providing customers with the ability to purchase products and services via your website creates a sales channel of convenience for your customers, and allows for ongoing customer interaction. Developing eCommerce and mobile commerce applications is not just our job; it is our passion.

Whether you are a local retailer, regional distributor or international organization looking to leverage the eCommerce channel, Briteskies can help in defining your objectives. By integrating your eCommerce store with your back office and post-deployment support, Briteskies provides customers with tailored applications for tomorrow’s global marketplace.

Our project methodology was amassed from our years of consulting experience, and as a result, we design technical elements to achieve our customers’ business goals.

Looking for an eCommerce solution for your organization? Contact us– we love a great challenge!

Bill Onion, Managing Director and Briteskies’ Systems Integration Expert discusses in a 4 part series the various challenges faced by an organization implementing a B2B eCommerce Solution.
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