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Whether you are considering moving to Magento or have a current Magento site that needs a little TLC, check out some frequently asked eCommerce questions.

How do I decide if I should upgrade from Community to Enterprise?

We know: your site is working well in Community, so why go through the hassle of moving to Enterprise? Magento Enterprise offers everything Community does and more. Check out these eight reasons to help you convince your boss to make the switch. Read More

How do I make sure my Magento eCommerce project gets off to a good start?

There comes a time in the lifecycle of every site to evaluate where it is heading or find new strategies to fight stagnation in sales. This can be a very stressful time, filled with doubt and anxiety. Given what can happen if your eCommerce site does not work correctly, deploying or replatforming a site is not a project to be taken lightly. Success depends on having a well-developed roadmap and a partnership with the right consultant. Here are our team’s suggestions of a few things you can do to prepare for your eCommerce project.


How do I choose a Magento eCommerce partner?
Cooperation between the client and the development team can make or break a Magento eCommerce implementation project. Engaging with the right partner can mean the difference between success and disaster. This will not only save you time and money, but in the end you will have the online store you dreamed of having.
What should be included in my eCommerce strategy?

Goals! Before you start anything decide – in writing – on the overall goals of your site and how you will measure success. If your team does not agree on this first step, the design process will be a mess and you will ultimately have no clear indicator of a successful project. Once that is completed you can plan for the remaining components: target audience, the level of personalization your technology supports, content plan, user experience, mobile and other channel availability, third party add-ons needed to support your site, and whose help you need to turn your strategy into reality.

How do I get my Magento eCommerce site and back office systems to work together?

Most therapists will tell you that communication is the key to any collaborative relationship. We say that the same is true for the relationship between your eCommerce platform and any back office systems, including your ERP. While we may not be a team of licensed therapists, we are a certified Magento solution provider with the know-how to get your systems talking. Read More

How many other systems can I connect to my Magento eCommerce site?


When it comes to third-party systems, you can theoretically connect as many as you’re willing to pay for. As long as you are going through the API, you can add as many systems as you need for things like CRM, ERP, shipping, promotions or rewards, search solutions, or marketplace extensions.

Modules, however, are different than systems. Because they are made in a vacuum with no regard for other modules, best practices suggest limiting the number of modules to 10 or 15 maximum. If each of those modules affect a different aspect of your site, you should be fine. If you have more than one module for a specific function, such as promotions, you start running into problems. Your best option for incorporating modules is to leverage a customization through a certified partner.

Can you help pick up the pieces after my developer bailed on me?

Sadly, this is a story we hear all too often. Magento is a powerful platform on which to run your eCommerce site, and while it was developed with the end user in mind, it still requires someone with a technical background to make sure you can fully take advantage of all that it has to offer, as well as extend it to tailor its functions to your needs. Nobody wants to be sloppy seconds, but we’re happy to be your rebound developers in order to get your site back on track. Read More

What steps can I take to make sure my Magento eCommerce site is secure?
With large-scale hacking incidents in the news and the risk of having your identity stolen seemingly around every corner of the internet, security is at the top of every store owner’s list. Luckily, Magento is equipped to meet PCI Compliance standards to keep your customers’ data safe. Read More
How do I migrate customers and orders to Magento?

Magento offers a default CSV import process to help you move customer information. While this is a viable option, the complexity of your migration may require additional support. In some cases a custom solution is necessary and, lucky for you, Briteskies has the answer. Read More

How can I increase site speed on my Magento eCommerce site?

Remember when you would wait for minutes as a single web page would load on your dial-up internet connection? Well, those days are long gone, and your customers want to see your products NOW. Check out these common causes of slow-loading pages as compiled by our resident IT expert. Read More

How can I improve the product search function on my Magento eCommerce site?

What could be more frustrating as a customer than to want to purchase something but being unable to find it? If your search functions leave something to be desired, you are missing out on valuable conversions. It can be tempting to install third-party search functions, but, if you know how to leverage them correctly, Magento’s search tools can be incredibly helpful for your customers. Read More

How can Magento help increase traffic to my eCommerce site?
Driving traffic to your site is a huge goal of marketing campaigns, but what good is traffic if you aren’t converting customers? Magento has a host of marketing tools that help to meet business goals like increasing average order values and customer lifetime value. Read More
Visits to my Magento eCommerce site are up but sales are not, what should I do?

More people on your site always means more sales, right? Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. Traffic is important, but it’s not the only aspect of increasing sales. Don’t keep your customers up all night, tossing and turning over a horrifying experience on your site. We’ve dug up some eCommerce nightmares and ways to fix them. Read on, if you dare.

How can my Magento eCommerce site keep up with the growing popularity of mobile activity?

Mobile, responsive design, and device-agnostic applications have been the catalysts of a great deal of change over the past few years. With Magento’s latest version including a responsive template, it does an excellent job meeting the needs of a mobile world, whether for a B2B or B2C business.

How do I manage multiple tax localities on my Magento eCommerce site?

Take a minute and think of all the things you can purchase online these days: books delivered online and stored in the cloud, clothing from a store in a different state, and even groceries delivered right to your door. For each of these purchases there is a specific tax law that needs to be applied. Luckily there are third-party partners who specialize in Magento and tax requirements. Read More

For more tax tips, check out this page.

What should I include on my B2B eCommerce site?

Briteskies has been talking about B2B since before it was cool. In fact, Bill Onion has authored several articles that were published in 2011 for Multichannel Merchant, and we recently hosted an eCommerce Forum specifically on B2B alongside Magento. We even spoke at Magento Imagine about the topic as well. B2B should be treated with the same attitude as B2C. For more information check out our B2B Magento eCommerce page.

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