Why eCommerce?

eCommerce sales are estimated to surpass $300 billion

The line between B2B and B2C continues to blur as consumers accustomed to shopping online for their personal purchases expect the same level of attention to the user experience while researching options at work for their boss or customer. Regardless of the type of eCommerce site you have, users have come to expect a customized, elegant, and intuitive experience.  (source: Forrester 2015 Five Year eCommerce Forecast)

Three quick tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your focus on the customer and the buyer’s journey. buyer-journey
  2. Investigate eCommerce platform options.
    IBM WebSphere Commerce and Magento are among the most highly-rated systems in the industry.
  3. Search for an experienced, certified partner.
    The partner you choose should not only have the desired experience but should match your organization’s values and style.

 “People first, technology second. Our project methodology focuses on listening, learning, and understanding our customers’ pain points; only then do we design technical elements that help our customers achieve their business goals.” Bill Onion, Managing Director

Certified Partner

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eCommerce Success Stories

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