Interactive Marketing


Successful marketing is a key factor for any profitable business and eCommerce is no exception. Interactive marketing, or marketing for online platforms, focuses on four components that help improve the user experience, conversion rate, amount of visits, and ultimately revenue of an eCommerce site, all of which help businesses succeed. These four components are:

Drive Traffic

Driving traffic is all about getting people to a site using SEO, SEM and inbound marketing. While site views in general are important, it is beneficial to consider the origin of each visit as well. Attracting the right kind of traffic is just as important as the volume of visitors.


The key to high conversion rates is a user experience that is catered to your target audience. By providing an elegant user experience, whether through incentives to buy or implementing an efficient purchasing process, customers must feel that they can trust a site and relate to the experience, which is the core of interactive marketing.

Average Order Value

Increasing the average order value depends on encouraging your customer to buy more. Whether it’s suggesting complementary items, cross selling, up selling, merchandising, or keeping track of customer trends, increasing the AOV comes down to outlining and executing a strategy.

Customer Lifetime Value

If a customer trusted you enough to give you their money once, how do you keep them coming back? Similarly to AOV, customer lifetime value is increased through strategy and creatively building on already established brand loyalty. Reward programs, email campaigns, members-only sales, and impactful (but not annoying) communication are all effective ways of building on customer loyalty.

These four areas of interactive marketing help eCommerce sites create brand loyalty and increase revenue, leading to a more profitable business.


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