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WordPress Migration Summary

Kent Elastomer Products manufactures thermoplastic elastomer tubing, latex tubing, PVC tubing, dip molded parts, and more for global medical, laboratory, and industrial markets. These products are used for everything from orthodontics to surgical tools to sports equipment. While they do not have an eCommerce implementation, they do have an online presence that highlights their products and services. When Kent decided to update their site, they reached out to Briteskies for a WordPress migration.

Kent Elastomer’s site was hard to manage and had a dated look and feel, not to mention that it was not responsive on mobile devices. The legacy site was hard to update and the Kent team could not easily maintain the content. They wanted to move from their underperforming platform to a more modern and updated Content Management System (CMS).

In order to update their online presence and create a responsive environment, Kent’s site was migrated from their custom-built platform to a WordPress implementation. The goal of this new site was for the Kent team to be able to maintain their content themselves. With a WordPress implementation, they would have an easy-to-manage, responsive site.

While a WordPress implementation and site migration was a straightforward request for the Briteskies team, the amount of content and images required for each page of the site posed a bit of a challenge.

With the new WordPress site, Kent’s online presence is not only responsive, it is easier to use for the Kent team as well.

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