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Magento Enterprise Edition Implementation Summary

Founded in 1979, Dorya is a B2B2C retailer of fine, 100% handcrafted furniture and home goods, describing itself as a “…luxury furniture and interiors brand…operating under the philosophy that the pursuit of style is a way of life.” In an effort to streamline the design and order placement processes, and knowing the importance of eCommerce, user experience and maintaining a healthy, up to date internet presence, Dorya reached out to us for a Magento Enterprise Edition implementation.

Prior to the redesign, was a static HTML site which utilized downloadable PDF forms that clients could fill out and email or fax to create an order. The forms were rather long, and while they allowed buyers to utilize the internet (an incredibly helpful feature to an organization that conducts business globally), they weren’t conducive to an accurate understanding of what was really desired, nor were they simple to use.

Additionally, for an organization which allows its clients to design a piece of furniture from its base to the finest detailed stitching, Dorya was unable to effectively showcase its prestige in the world of luxurious interior design.

In addition to improving the user experience, Dorya had an internal initiative to improve its own processes, including client management, content management and order processing and fulfillment. With a Magento Enterprise site and Briteskies at the design, development, and implementation helms, Dorya knew they could achieve both.

Dorya can now accept orders online, better interact with their client base and remain a leader in its industry.

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