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Michael Berlin

Executive Partner

Michael has played a major role in the growth and direction of Briteskies. Through his customer-focused leadership Briteskies has been able to experience sustained growth while providing effective and profitable solutions to both large and small companies. Michael possesses a very broad business and information technology background including strategic planning, process improvement, and system architecture.

William Onion

Managing Director

Bill helps grow Briteskies by keeping the organization focused on taking great care of customers, and turning them into fans of Briteskies. Bill has a few standards that he uses to help guide the organization. Each decision must ‘make the company better’ and each decision must be the ‘right thing to do’ for everybody involved. With his leadership and guidance, Briteskies continues to build solid relationships with customers and build a dedicated and loyal group of employees.

“Briteskies is built around trust. Employees trust the company because the leadership truly cares about the well being of every individual here. Customers trust Briteskies because there’s a strong ethical core that drives us to do the right thing across every aspect of our business.” Chris H.

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Briteskies Family

Briteskies employees have diverse backgrounds, skills, experiences and interests, but we commonly share a spirit of teamwork and a desire to keep growing and developing professionally. We are all driven to create innovative solutions while working together to deliver the best possible resolution for our clients.

Briteskies Team

“I have worked at Briteskies since 2002 and I can say without reservation that it truly is like a family. I am able to take on challenging projects yet work in a stress-free and supportive environment.” Nathan G.

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