Vision   Focus   Values

“In my over 30-year career in technology, this is the first company where I feel I’m truly part of a team. I can approach the owners as I would any other member of the company and have an open dialogue about my work individually or the company as a whole.” Mike I.


Our vision is to be the knowledge leader for eCommerce solutions, enterprise software and the integration of these business-critical systems.


Trust, Relationships, Commerce

Trust is the foundation of all of our relationships, and customer relationships help us craft thoughtful commerce solutions.

At Briteskies, we recognize that trust is earned and not given, and we work hard to earn the trust of the people we work with. That trust allows us to build long-term relationships with coworkers and clients. Those client relationships help us craft thoughtful commerce solutions. At our core, we love solving commerce problems for our clients.

We provide an amazing, fun, and diverse work environment for our talented team. We help our team to grow by providing challenging and rewarding projects. This fosters an environment where each member of the team has the opportunity to stretch, learn and grow.


Customer Compassion

We empathize with our customers and use our expertise and enthusiasm to deliver the solution that’s right for them.  

All In Brteskes

There’s no “I” in our team. We work to better the team as a whole and we’re completely committed to Briteskies’ culture and success.  

Good Vibes Only

We’re definitely all different, but each member of the Briteskies team has a fun and genuine personality that inspires trust.  

_____ Expertise

Creative, functional, technical, and everything in between, our team has the knowledge and talent to approach our customers’ challenges in new and better ways.  

Endless Curiosity

Whether it’s advancing our professional superpowers or exploring a new hobby, we’re always eager to learn something new.  

Get Sh!t Done

We’re all about meeting commitments, exceeding expectations, and constantly moving forward.  

Everything we do at Briteskies is measured and evaluated against our core values. For every decision we face, whether it be by an intern, developer, operations, management or ownership, we ask ourselves the following questions:

  • Is it right for our customer?
  • Is it right for our company?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Are you willing to be willing to be held personally accountable for this decision?
  • Is it within the core values of our company?

If the answer to all 5 questions is “yes”, then don’t ask for permission. Just do it!  Sometimes, very important things are not done, at the right time, because somebody does not think they have the authority to make the decisions. These five questions give every person in this company the authority to make the decision and to get things done.

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