The IBM eServer iSeries family offers a secure platform capable of running thousands of the world’s most popular business applications—all on a single, highly integrated, powerful system. It has long been recognized for delivering business value through innovations and programs that reflect industry-leading technologies and practices. The integrated design of iSeries, previously AS/400, helps our customers reduce cost and spur productivity to enable more investment in business growth and less in managing IT.

As an Premier IBM Business Partner we are committed to the principle that iSeries systems should offer growth options to help our customers. We offer iSeries solutions to suit organizations of almost any size, from small businesses to large enterprises. We create solutions that help extend and add value to all applications, regardless of their underlying programming language.

Growth is typically a goal for all of our customers. Whether they are located locally in Northeastern Ohio or throughout the nation, we are able to help our customers reach their goals and execute growth plans by accelerating the development and deployment of new applications to help enable smarter business solutions with faster turn-around all through the use of IBM’s eServer iSeries. We are determined to foster the growth of new, innovative solutions for our iSeries customers.

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