Core Values in action

Being a part of the Briteskies family means contributing to an environment that is fun, supportive, and provides growth opportunities while always remembering that we are here to assist our clients by providing them with the best services possible. One of the ways we adhere to that culture is by using our company mantras as guidelines.  Along with the incredible achievements and certifications of our staff at Briteskies, one of the things that keeps our team strong is our commitment to our office culture.

To celebrate our commitment, every quarter at our company meeting we introduce a new mantra and discuss what it means for us as an organization and for our customers. During the following months team members are encouraged to nominate team members who exemplify the chosen mantra.  Nominees are recognized with a gift card and blog post.

In addition, on an annual basis nominees will be submitted for the Do the Right Thing Award, named for one of our mantras that supports our core beliefs as a company. The winner will receive a gift card and one additional PTO day. We are excited to recognize our employees for their commitment to our office culture, which helps keep Briteskies trusted by our customers.


Eat Your Frog


If you have to eat your frog, do it early and do it quickly.

Do the Right Thing


This simple reminder solves even the trickiest of dilemmas.

Better is Better


When growing a company, bigger is not always better. An organization with great people, amazing customers, and efficient operation is better.

Good News Needs to Be Known, Bad News Needs to Be Known Right Now


If there is bad news to deliver, we deliver it quickly, honestly, and personally. Then we find a solution.

Perfect Isn't


Being perfect does not necessarily mean being simple, elegant, or completely correct.

There Can Only Be One #1 Priority


With so many critical tasks to accomplish, sometimes we have to ask ourselves, “If you could only get one thing done, what would it be?”

No One Stands Alone


We are all part of the same team. That includes our customers, our partners, and everyone in the Briteskies family.

Mantra Recognition


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