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JD Edwards User Group Event | 09.17

JD Edwards’ experts from Oracle (Mike Stahl) and Briteskies (Dave Balser and Bill Onion) will host an afternoon of strategy and networking as they share insights from the recent 2017 JD Edwards Partner Summit. Some of the topics to be reviewed include:

  • State of the business: JD Edwards today and tomorrow
  • JD Edwards and “the journey to cloud”
  • Going beyond the core of JD Edwards
  • Additional customer value – deep industry and expanded Oracle products
  • Running a JD Edwards Business Process Review

For more information or to register for this event:  Briteskies JD Edwards Cleveland User Group Event.


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Past Events


Magento Imagine Conference | 04.15

Our own Gian Genovesi was selected to present at the 2015 Magento Imagine Conference. Gian’s session, titled B2B is the New Black: Don’t Leave Money on the Table, covered some of our B2B Magento eCommerce solutions and discussed the importance of keeping up with the changing B2B eCommerce trends. You can check out his presentation and view the video here.

Magento eCommerce Forum | 06.14

Along with Magento, PEER1, SLI Systems, and Avalara, Briteskies hosted an eCommerce Forum focused on eCommerce in the B2B space and its corresponding strategies; specifically demand chain hosting.

Brian Lavorini from Magento discussed the power of Magento and the impact for online retailers no that the platform falls under the umbrella of eBay Enterprises. PEER1 hosting offered information on the benefits of choosing the correct hosting partner for your project. SLI Systems discussed the importance of properly utilizing search term management to drive conversions. Avalara explored the complexities involved in managing sales tax and the consequences if not executed correctly.

Magento eCommerce Forum | 03.13

Magento, Briteskies, Bronto, and PEER1 hosted a round table forum to discuss the best practices in leveraging Magento’s online marketing tools. The organizations explored various strategies to increase average order value and lifetime order value, including:

  • How Layered navigation and search-andising can be leveraged in the buying process
  • How Product Ratings and reviews assist customers in their buying decisions
  • How Pricing Promotions can be used to entice a buying  choice
  • How Customer Segmentations, Product recommendations, up-sells, and cross-sells can increase average order values
  • How Cart Abandonment can be turned into revenue

Briteskies gave examples of how we have leveraged these tools for clients. Bronto, a Magento Silver Industry Partner, discussed how automated email marketing can uncover missing revenue opportunities. PEER1, a Magento Platinum Hosting Partner, demonstrated the ways in which infrastructure allows your online store to be scalable.


WebSphere B2B eCommerce | 06.12

This event focused on the challenges of B2B eCommerce and what IBM Commerce can do in that space. Briteskies discussed the key strategies and solutions to differentiate between selling online and selling online successfully.  With a focus on B2B organizations, our experts explored some of the challenges, tactics and successes of selling online and the proper implementations, integrations, platforms, and tools to do so. We highlighted a successful client implementation in the form of SVP Worldwide, whose case study you can access here.

WebSphere B2B eCommerce | 09.11

Focusing on the challenges in B2B eCommerce for the Manufacturing and Distribution Markets, this event featured our own Bill Onion, Managing Director of Briteskies, as well as Gary Hargreaves, a Worldwide Solutions Executive for the IBM Software group. These presenters covered the following topics:

Improving operational efficiency and lowering costs by automating previously manual, labor-intensive processes, and providing customer self-service options

  • Strengthing relationships with existing customers
  • Growing the business
  • Delivering the right information to partners, distributors, resellers, and customers
  • Providing a familiar, B2C-like customer experience
  • Helping companies understand where mobile technologies fit into all of this
  • How IBM and WebSphere Commerce resolve some of these challenges


JD Edwards User Group Event | 03.16

JD Edwards’ experts from Oracle and Briteskies hosted for an afternoon of strategy and networking where they shared insights from the 2016 JD Edwards Partner Summit, “Thrive in the Oracle JD Edwards Economy“. Mike Stahl, Greg Smith, Dave Balser and Bill Onion discussed Oracle’s strategic direction and shared some best practices that can help your organization thrive in 2016. Some of the topics covered included: a review of the JDE World and E1 Roadmap, an overview of Internet of Things and Orchestrator, E1 Composer functionality and One View Financial Statements. Read on for more information about our latest JDE Event.

JD Edwards User Group Event | 03.15

Briteskies experts Dave Balser and Stefanie Rhine were joined by Oracle Representative Mike Stahl to discuss the future of JD Edwards.

Agenda highlights included:

  • JD Edwards Roadmap and Investment Initiatives
  • JD Edwards and the Cloud, focusing on Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service
  • Health and Safety and Research Tools
  • Alta UI, Cafe One, and JDE World release presentations
  • Connecting Socially with JD Edwards

InFocus Conference | 12.14

Bill Onion was able to represent Briteskies and give a presentation at the Quest International Users Group InFocus Conference. In his presentation, Leveraging Business Services in EnterpriseOne for eCommerce Success, Bill discussed how to leverage key technical components and functional tools when integrating EnterpriseOne with an eCommerce site. Read more and download the presentation here.

JDE Fall Networking Event | 11.14

At this event, we showcased tools and techniques to extend the reach of your JD Edwards systems. Over the last few years, Oracle/JDE has developed many new Mobile applications that allow business users to interact with JDE from their Smart Phones. We also highlighted Business Services and how these native tools can be used to share data with other systems – especially eCommerce.

Topics we covered:

  • Extending JD Edwards Applications with mobile applications
  • Showcase of the latest mobile applications from JD Edwards
  • Leveraging Business Services for eCommerce Success
  • We presented at InFocus this year. Attendees of this networking event got a sneak peek of our presentation.
  • JD Edwards news and updates

JD Edwards New Year’s Resolutions | 2014

Local JD Edwards experts from Briteskies and Oracle talked strategy and optimization of EnterpriseOne functionality. Bill Onion, Dave Balser and Mike Stahl shared tips and tricks on helping organizations reach new summits in 2014.

Agenda highlights included:

  • The latest news and updates from this year’s JD Edwards Partner Summit “Success Through Continued Innovation!” Included highlights on current and future product strategies including new products.
  • Leveraging your investment in JD Edwards Enterprise One through functional updates.

Oracle Upgrade Workshop: Getting to the Nines | 2013

This JD Edwards World to World Upgrade Event, hosted by Briteskies and Oracle, will provided World clients a classroom setting to demonstrate the hows and whys of Getting to the 9s. It focused on the tactics, plans and best practices of upgrading from A7.3 or A8.1 to the latest version(s) of World.

  • The latest news and updates from Oracle, including the roadmap for JD Edwards World Software
  • Strategies and Solutions for upgrading to JD Edwards World version 9.x.
  • New features and functionality delivered with JDE World 9.x.
  • The options for upgrading to JDE EnterpriseOne 9.x
  • The business case for updating your JDE software

JD Edwards User Productivity Kit Workshop | 2012

At this workshop, businesses seeking enterprise solutions explored the capabilities of JD Edwards’ User Productivity Kit (UPK). A review and demonstration of the UPK tool was led by Oracle representative and JD Edwards product expert, Sarah Shive.

JD Edwards Upgrade Workshop | 2011

This upgrade workshop focused on the transition to the most recent release of JD Edwards World. Speakers from Briteskies and Barb Canham, a Product Strategy Director with Oracle, discussed resources, tools and best practices to assist in the process. They also covered the new electronic Value Proposition Tool, viewed sample business cases and project plans, and provided an upgrade project map and personalized value proposition.

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