So, you’re considering implementing JD Edwards as your ERP?

Great choice! Oracle’s investment in the JDE product line has cemented JD Edwards as a leader in the ERP space.

JD Edwards software has been a longstanding, dependable platform with loyal users. For decades, JDE Software has been used around the globe on businesses of every size and configuration. With the most current version, JDE EnterpriseOne (E1), Oracle delivers a software platform that offers more choice of databases, operating systems, and hardware so you can build and expand your IT solution to meet business requirements. JD Edwards delivers over 80 application modules to support a diverse set of business processes and key industry solutions, including Distribution, Retail, Mining and Logistics, Manufacturing and Financials.

Let’s get you where you need to go. Are you:

“JD Edwards…is something we are going to continue to invest in … that’s a very strategic product line for us.” Larry Ellison, Executive Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Office – Oracle Corporation

  1. Name the Executive Sponsor of the JD Edwards Implementation project and determine the key stakeholders.
  2. Publish the scope of the project along with the changed management process.
  3. Determine the measurements of success for the project and set Key Performance Indicators.
  4. Determine both ideal and problematic times for the project to deploy.
  5. Review your modifications and determine which are critical and which are not.
  1. Consider the risks associated with the project as well as risk avoidance strategies and contingency plans.
  2. Start cleaning up the old system.
  3. Think about the Education Strategy for the new processes and systems.
  4. Consider how to work best with the consulting partner and work with them to set the Implementation Strategy.
  5. Plan for 12 months after deployment.

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