Watson’s IBM i Business Process Review

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An IBM i Business Process Review Summary

Watson’s is a B2C retailer of pools, spas, game tables, outdoor furniture, home theater needs, and more, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. For almost 50 years, they have been the leading supplier of home and recreational products to the Midwest. As a trusted name and iconic brand in their business, the Watson’s showrooms attract a large volume of customers.

Watson’s has showroom locations in Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri, and elsewhere in Ohio. As the business has grown to these locations, so have their inventory demands and requirements. They turned to our team to integrate a new Warehouse Management System (WMS) into their legacy ERP system.

Due to their rapidly growing business, Watson’s was beginning to overwhelm their warehouse. Not only was the existing warehouse space no longer sufficient, but the lack of organization was hindering shipping and delivery. These issues are common products of company growth; as the business grows, so do their inventory and organizational needs.

Watson’s turned to our team to run a Business Process Review. The focus of this BPR was to determine the best integration strategy to allow their new Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to communicate with their IBM i-based ERP. The primary goal of this project (and related integration) was to improve inventory accuracy and warehouse processes.

Watson’s selected Zethcon Synapse as their WMS and needed to integrate it into their legacy IBM i-based ERP system. Our team used our expertise and experience with both Synapse and IBM i to guide the solution. Before any integration efforts took place, however, our team conducted a Business Process Review.

The overarching result of this project was improved business process for Watson’s. Now everything works off of the WMS, which makes inventory processes much more structured and organized.

If your company is looking to streamline your warehouse management or is interested in learning more about a Business Process Review, contact our team.

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