Scott Fetzer

Scott Fetzer
Client: Scott Fetzer  |  Date: Spring 2014

JD Edwards World A8.1 to A9.3 Upgrade Summary

Scott Fetzer is a diversified manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of a variety of products from over 20 businesses. The company is now owned by Berkshire-Hathaway and produces everything from encyclopedias and Ginsu knives to electrical fittings and sump pumps. Some of their better-known businesses are Adalet, Campbell Hausfeld, Douglas/Quikut, Halex, Wayne Water Systems, and World Book. When Scott Fetzer needed a JD Edwards World A8.1 to A9.3 upgrade, they contacted our team.

The Scott Fetzer team was using JDE primarily for financials; their month-end corporate consolidations and reporting, fixed assets and accounts payable. Much of the focus for this upgrade was on the consolidations process, as Scott Fetzer had established a complex system architected to complete their financial consolidations including elimination entries and foreign currency restatement. With such a detailed and complicated process, the main challenge for the upgrade was ensuring that the corporate reports procedure worked correctly in A9.3.

There were two major issues that needed to be addressed during this upgrade: the complexity of the month-end procedures and non-JD Edwards issues that arose as a result of the pre-requisite IBM i operating system upgrade.

Like most JD Edwards customers, Scott Fetzer upgraded to stay on support. But the company, specifically financial users, have realized additional benefits, including an improved web interface and faster system processing times. Scott Fetzer took the opportunity to upgrade their hardware as part of the project. Coupled with OS 7.1 and improved JD Edwards’ functionality, the faster hardware has resulted in a shorter program run time, making the close process faster and more efficient.

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