Magento Implementation and Integration

Date: Spring 2018


This client is a precious metal dealer that originally launched in 2012 with a goal of selling the lowest cost, highest quality bullion available. It began as an offshoot to a website that discusses the precious metal market and the value of hard assets and preparation.

The client had started to outgrow their legacy eCommerce platform. Their existing site was not very user friendly and there had been a lot of developer involvement in the creation of the site, making it difficult for business user to make a change without getting IT involved. Additionally, they wanted to address the security of their customers, as the precious metal industry is rife with fraud issues.

They decided to move to Magento to not only make their site easier to manage, but to ensure that their site could continue to change and grow with their company.

The overall solution was to replatform their site from their legacy Uber Cart platform onto Magento Commerce 2. Their industry specifications required integrations with fraud prevention tools, more advanced transactional email communication capabilities, and real-time precious metal market pricing feeds, as well as admin customizations for customer service order entry and review. Along with those integrations and modules, Magento was integrated with the client’s existing ERP, Linnworks.

Along with these various integrations, our team helped develop shopper personas so that the client could more accurately market to their customers with their site’s new capabilities.

On top of those challenges, the client required admin panel customizations as they are using the Magento admin to be their customer service order entry portal. Our team had to customize the admin panel to meet their needs.

By implementing Magento 2, this client now has a fully featured, stable, scalable, and extendable platform that will support future business growth.

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