Lapp Group Magento Implementation + SAP Integration

Lapp Group Magento Implementation + SAP Integration
Client: Lapp Group  |  Date: Winter 2016  |  Visit Online

Magento Enterprise Implementation and SAP Integration Summary

Lapp Group USA is the North American branch of a German wire and cable production and distribution company. They sell cables and connectors to original equipment manufacturers and distributors in industries including automotive, machinery, robotics, medical electronics, food and beverage, telecommunications, transportation, and more. They contacted Briteskies for their Magento Enterprise implementation and SAP integration project.

They decided to implement an eCommerce site for a few different reasons:

  • They receive a lot of orders by phone, fax, and email that could just as easily be placed online
  • Their competitors have successful eCommerce sites
  • Customer Service was fielding questions that could have been better answered by a website
  • They wanted to streamline the ordering process and eliminate as much room for human error as possible

When Lapp USA decided to address their demand for B2B eCommerce ordering, they initially looked at utilizing the same solution as their parent company in Germany. When it was determined that solution wouldn’t meet their needs, they decided on Magento.

One of the main challenges of this project was integrating Magento with Lapp’s SAP system located in Germany. As the eCommerce project began, Lapp’s SAP system was undergoing a global upgrade.

A unique challenge of this project was the customizations required to accommodate Lapp’s cut charges, surcharges, and pricing requirements. Cut charges, for example, are applied when a customer orders specific lengths of a type of cable. On the front end of the site, the customer sees a quantity/length grid where they specify how much of each length of a cable they want. our team had to turn one item being purchased into multiple cuts or lines and show that information on the front end while keeping the data accurate on the back end.

Despite these and other challenges, our team, along with the Lapp USA team, was able to achieve a smooth Magento Enterprise implementation and SAP integration.

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