KT Tape Magento Upgrade Summary

Client: KT Tape  |  Date: Spring 2017  |  Visit Online


KT Tape is a brand of kinesiology tape under the umbrella of KT Health, a Utah-based company that designs, develops, and distributes sports medicine products. These products keep athletes healthy, empowering all to play with confidence and reach their peak performance. KT Health products are distributed worldwide to individuals, medical professionals, and teams through major retailers, specialty sports stores, and medical and team distributors.

KT Tape wanted to implement a site with the primary goal of continuing to build brand recognition. They were previously doing this through a number of different marketing methods: they had a blog, a community forum, and their eCommerce site. The main issue was that each of those platforms was on a different software. Their blog was hosted on WordPress, their forum was phpBB, and their eCommerce site was on Magento.

Not only was it difficult to manage these disparate systems, but the piecemeal approach was causing a disjointed user experience. Additionally, the existing sites’ performance was not very dependable. In order to address all of these issues, KT Tape wanted to upgrade their site to Magento 2.

KT Tape was already running their site on Magento 1 and liked working on that platform. They wanted to upgrade their site, and moving to Magento 2 allowed them to continue working with a technology they trusted while also merging all of their platforms onto one environment.

Because KT Tape is a manufacturer, their goals are different than those of a straightforward eCommerce site. While they, of course, welcome sales on their site, they are primarily trying to drive awareness of their brand. They want their site to give their customers the ability to buy products, but to also be used as a resource for the community. Since moving to Magento 2, KT Tape has achieved those goals.

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