JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne Rollout


JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne Rollout Summary

When it comes to JD Edwards implementations, a project we have seen time and again is a rollout of JDE to different branches of a company. Here are examples of a JD Edwards World and EnterpriseOne rollout that we successfully completed for our clients.

For the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne rollout, the client specializes in the manufacture and distribution of highly engineered cryogenic equipment that is used to separate oxygen, nitrogen, and noble gasses from air, as well as the processing of natural gas. When this client grew by acquisition, they acquired a small manufacturing unit that was running their own ERP system. The client wanted to bring this operating unit up on JD Edwards, which was the ERP system the client was already running corporate-wide.

The JD Edwards World rollout client is a distributor of vehicle tire repair supplies and equipment. This client had grown their business by expanding their operations in Canada and then bringing their operations to various countries in Central America, including Guatemala, El Salvador, and Panama. The parent company was already operating JD Edwards World, and the goal was to bring these new branches onto the centralized JD Edwards instance.

A primary benefit of implementing JD Edwards at each of the clients’ branch locations was better visibility to operations and access to data for key performance metrics.

As these cases indicate, companies can gain better access to key operational performance indicators on a timelier basis and realize the efficiencies from operation with standardized businesses process on a single ERP platform.

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