The Huffy Corporation WMS and JD Edwards World Integration

Client: The Huffy Corporation  |  Date: Fall/Winter 2015  |  Visit Online

JD Edwards World Integration Summary

The Huffy Corporation is an American manufacturer and importer of bicycles that has been in the business since 1892. For over 100 years, Huffy manufactured bicycles in Dayton, Ohio, and they have been a big contributor in the history of bicycling in the United States. When Huffy decided to implement a new warehouse management software to improve processing facilities, they contacted Briteskies for a JD Edwards World integration project.

Because Huffy has multiple distribution centers, distribution operation management is a big concern for the company. Prior to this project, Huffy had been using a combination of homegrown systems as well as other software to manage those processes, but they needed a more efficient and effective solution. Huffy decided to implement Zethcon Synapse WMS in order to manage distribution operations. Synapse is a warehouse management software that was selected in order to improve processing facilities such as receiving, inventory management, and pick, pack, and ship. Huffy contacted Briteskies when they wanted to integrate Synapse into their longstanding JD Edwards World 9.1 environment.

Although any integration between JD Edwards and another system will have its difficulties, Huffy was only using standard JD Edwards functionality, which made this integration more straightforward. Questions arose when it came time to identify which interface points were necessary as well as mapping the Synapse data to JDE and vice versa.

Due to the clean integration between JD Edwards and Zethcon Synapse warehousing systems, data now flows smoothly and easily between the two systems to allow for steady communication. Transactions are processed timely and accurately, and data is where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

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