Freestore Foodbank Magento Implementation and Exact Macola Integration Summary

Client: Freestore Foodbank |  Date: Fall 2017


Freestore Foodbank is a non-profit foodbank that supplies food to shelters and programs in need. Any program that provides meals for impoverished communities or individuals in crisis can buy or receive food from Freestore to distribute in their region. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, Freestore services agencies in regions of Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio.

With 100% of their customers being non-profit, Freestore is unlike other eCommerce initiatives, as their ultimate goal is not to make money but to end hunger.

Before this project, agencies ordering from Freestore had to call into the warehouse and place their order with one of the customer service representatives. In order to continue to serve their agencies in an efficient manner, Freestore decided to implement an eCommerce site to capture orders online.

Magento Enterprise 2.0 was implemented and extended with various customizations, then integrated with Freestore’s existing Exact Macola ERP.

With much of Freestore’s inventory being donated by national and state programs, a customization was required to allow only those eligible for government-issued items to add them to their order. That and further requirements led to our team creating a two-fold restriction module. The Briteskies module follows an algorithm that fairly and equitably gives each agency the ability to acquire their eligible items, making a complicated process easy for customers. This was just one of the unique circumstances that made this an interesting project for our team.

While most of our clients are focused on profits, Freestore’s goals were focused on customer service. They wanted to give customers an accurate and timely transaction system, and their current statistics show they have achieved that. Freestore’s customers are returning to their site to make multiple orders, and Freestore has been able to free up some resources.

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