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“After a thorough consideration of all viable eCommerce engines, we chose Magento; upon that came the challenge of finding a certified Magento Solution Partner who also possessed extensive JD Edwards experience. After speaking to Briteskies, the choice was simple. In addition to providing us with the technical expertise we sought, Briteskies’ business analysts have guided us in implementing best practices for continued success and growth.” Kim Croisdale, Director of Global Information Services
Client: Alta Beef  |  Date: Fall 2012  |  Visit Online

Magento Enterprise and JD Edwards integration Summary

Alta Genetics is the global leading provider of high quality reproductive and herd management services to the beef and dairy cattle industry. Alta relied on sales personnel who traveled to clients, managed accounts, placed orders and single-handedly juggled tasks large and small. Featuring a unique, niche market, Alta required an extensible, scalable and full featured eCommerce framework on which its future success would be built. Our team partnered with Alta Genetics for a Magento Enterprise and JD Edwards integration.

Magento’s Enterprise segmentation, private sale, multi-site capabilities and group pricing features, coupled with its open-source philosophy, was a perfect fit for Alta’s needs. Magento also provides an easy-to-use content management system and site administration interface, which shortens the learning curve for organizations new to selling online or migrating platforms.

Integrating an eCommerce site with an ERP system allows for a seamless continuity of information, creating an unparalleled online shopping experience, and improvements to any organizational workflow. Additionally,’s integration points with JD Edwards enables them to source information on orders, products, and customers, to allow for another important feature: pre-sale orders.

In addition to integrations, ease of use, and pre-sale orders, each of Alta Genetics’ products have 75 unique attributes, such as protein or fat percentages. These attributes assist customers in selecting the appropriate sire. Due to the complexity of this eCommerce project, Alta Genetics needed an official Magento Solutions Partner featuring certified developers with an organization which also had in-house JD Edwards expertise., on a single instance of Magento, can now be used to surface global partners and brands, allowing for growth, simple management of current and future eCommerce systems and limitless potential – Alta is well on its way to redefining a bull market.

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