Briteskies Company Values

“In my over 30-year career in technology, this is the first company where I feel I’m truly part of a team. I can approach the owners as I would any other member of the company and have an open dialogue about my work individually or the company as a whole.” Mike I.

Everything we do at Briteskies is measured and evaluated against our core values. For every decision we face, whether it be by an intern, developer, operations, management or ownership, we ask ourselves the following questions:

Core Values

Clear and Open Communication

Are we clearly communicating with ourselves, our team, and most importantly our customers? We strive to be a transparent company by sharing what we can, and not hiding behind email, excuses or walls.

People First

As an organization that recognizes people achieve business results (not processes, technology or metrics), will this decision positively impact the people we work with whether it be team members, partners, vendors or customers? Does it focus on teaching, training, coaching or mentoring to help develop and encourage people to grow personally and professionally?

Integrity & Ethics

Is this decision made with integrity and ethics and does it support values that our customers, our team members and our communities have come to expect and rely on?

Customer Focus

Is this decision in the best interest of our customers, recognizing they have trusted us with their limited and valuable time and resources?

Operational Efficiency

Does this decision make us more efficient or effective as a company, team and partner? We recognize that savings in cost and time allows us to deliver more value to our employees and customers.

Should I do it?

We often wonder whether we should do something, or ask for permission. Sometimes, very important things are not done, at the right time, because somebody does not think they have the authority to make the decisions. The five questions below give every person in this company the authority to make the decision and to get things done.

  • Is it right for our customer?
  • Is it right for our company?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Are you willing to be willing to be held personally accountable for this decision?
  • Is it within the core values of our company?

If the answer to all 5 questions is “yes”, then don’t ask for permission. Just do it!